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Welcome to another issue of Her Voice . We have some new sections we’re debuting with this issue that I think you’ll enjoy. “Tips & Trends” will bring you new and innovative ideas on “what’s new”, whether it is from an area business or just a great new tip or trendy idea we found to share. Another new section you’ll find is, “Kids, Quips and Clips”, this one’s sure to bring a smile to your face. For both of these sections we are looking for reader input so please feel free to go to www.hervoiceonline.com and submit your tips, trends or kids funnies.

We’d also like to welcome new Her Voice writer, YHS student Kayla Sylvester. This is the first issue where you’ll find Kayla’s writing but please look for her stories in upcoming issues of Her Voice . I know you’ll enjoy her young and fresh perspective on a variety of topics and issues.

The recent loss of one of our daughter’s and her husband’s classmates, Mason, at the age of 26, along with friends Bob and Max Stepp’s loss of son, Brad, brought back memories for me from years ago. Back in 1977 we lost my Father due to an automobile accident; he was 54 at the time. (Now that I’m 55, I realize how very young that was.) Two years later my Mom (and all of us) lost my sister Patti, she was 36. At the time I remember Mom saying how different the loss of Patti was for her than the loss of her husband two years prior. She had lost an infant daughter and now Patti and she said for her, losing a child was like losing a part of herself. I’ve often thought that even though Fathers don’t actually birth the child, they must feel the very same thing.

Of our four children, I actually gave birth to my son and daughter and was blessed enough to get two more daughters through marriage. I can’t imagine the pain of losing one of them.

With that being said I thought I’d share this poem my oldest daughter Heather wrote when she was a sophomore in high school (she is now 30 years old) in the hopes that it touches not only those who have had recent losses but any of our Her Voice readers who might need to be lifted up at this time.

My Walk

When I wake up in the morning,

I know that He is with me.

When I run into a locked door,

I trust He has the key.

Without Him I’d be nothing,

no more than an empty shell.

For me He paid the price,

forever more I’ll tell.

I’ll shout it from the rooftops,

My heart will sing His song.

My journey’s rarely perfect,

But there’s hope when He’s along.

He helps me through the struggles,

He never leaves my side.

He guides me through my troubles,

in Him I can confide.

With Him my walk’s eternal,

My faith, my life, my love.

My walk, my peace with Jesus,

Soars higher than the dove.


God Bless and Wishes for Spring Smiles,