Many people look forward to spring not only for the pleasant weather, but for the many items that traditionally go on sale this season.

Spring is the ideal time to visit area stores and soak up some sunlight and fresh air in the process.

Shopping can also provide a respite from the cabin fever that set in during the long winter.

For those who love to shop and get a good deal in the process, the spring season can present a host of opportunities for saving a buck or two if you buy the right items.


Shoppers seeking a new stove or refrigerator may want to do their shopping now. The fiscal year for most Japanese small appliance and electronics companies generally ends in March and new models debut in June. Therefore, these companies often look to unload older models at a discount before the new ones arrive in summer.

Barbecue essentials:

Accessories, sauces, condiments, and napkins can be snatched up for a deal this time of the year as retailers hope to get a jump on the grilling season.


Because many charity walks and runs take place during the warmer weather, sneaker companies and shoe stores may discount items to appeal to the public.

In-season fruits:

Fruit prices typically dip in spring, as the warmer weather means less need to rely on imported produce from tropical climates. Shop seasonal fruits such as grapefruits, oranges, pineapples, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, melons, oranges, and peaches.


Spring cleaning is big and that means that individuals will be unloading seldom-used items.

People who love the thrill of finding a thrift-store or consignment shop deal can often find great bargains in the spring. Yard and garage sales can also be great for shoppers seeking even bigger deals.

Winter clearance:

Stores that have not yet liquidated winter-related items may put them on sale at a deep discount just to get rid of things. Stock up on shovels, snowblowers, heavy clothing, coats, and boots now to store away for the end of the year.