When it is 7:00AM Monday morning and your child informs you they need to bring a lunch to school today, you really need something quick and easy to whip together in record time. Although PB&J sandwiches and a bag of chips are a great stand-by, I have found the items below can be just as easy to put together and add something new to the mix.

For something to be classified as quick & easy, I feel they need to be food items that are usually found in any fridge or pantry. And if you are in my situation where you have a couple picky eaters, these ideas are sure to please!

1. Deli Meat & Cheese Kabobs: Cut up a block of cheese in small chunks, grab some deli meat from the fridge and put on a kabob stick. Throw in a yogurt and handful of grapes and your kiddo is set!

2. Turkey & Cheese Tortilla Wrap: Stack a couple slices of turkey (or any meat you choose) and cheese on a small tortilla shell and wrap it up. For smaller bite sizes, you can cut the wrap into 4 pieces and place toothpicks through them to keep together. Goes great with some baby carrots and applesauce.

3. Peanut Butter & Banana on Graham Crackers: If you find you are out of bread (which happens A LOT at our house), grab a couple graham crackers and add your peanut butter and sliced banana. Add some pudding and a cheese-stick to complete the meal.

4. Meat, Cheese & Crackers: Leave a stack of each in your kids lunchbox and let them do the stacking at lunch themselves. With a banana and yogurt on the side, it should fill them up for the rest of the day.

5. Hawaiian Bun, Ham & Cheese: These make great mini sandwiches, perfect for the lunchbox. Include some Goldfish crackers and applesauce and you are done!