Service in Scrubs

Clocking into work for another long shift Waiting for the news, knowing there will be a new twist.

How many people will become infected today?

“Don’t let me bring this to my family,” you silently pray.

Suiting up with a mask, gloves, and all protective gear

Hoping to make it through another shift in the clear.

Minutes turn into hours as your work never ceases

Boldly stepping up to love and care for others like Jesus.

Panicked patients on the line and others in the waiting room

Doing your best to calm the fear that is threatening to consume.

Your eyes become heavy because you’re not sleeping at night

Each workday brings the chance of contracting the virus you are trying to fight.

Fear tightens your chest as emergency rooms quickly fill up

Constantly reminding the public to stay away from the routine checkup.

You want to stay home but you are needed on the front lines

All you ask is that your community would heed the guidelines.

In a crisis, the nation’s heroes don’t wear capes, but don scrubs every day

Working hard to save others, putting yourself at bay.

May we show you how grateful we are by choosing to stay away

Your sacrifice for our country means more than we could ever say.

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Victory Over Viruses

Waking up each morning to news of more infection

Amid the unknown, people are desperate for some direction.

The stock market crashes, and millions of lives change overnight

The weight of each uncertainty is enough to make a chest tight.

Medical staff from every field racing for an answer

Constantly in communication with the nation’s strong Commander.

Teams of leaders from every discipline work to calm the fear

While grocery stores around the globe watch supplies disappear.

Millions of the nation’s children begin learning from a wireless device

Knowing there’s no roadmap for a pandemic we can’t afford to do twice.

Across the globe, people are ordered to stay inside their home

Many quickly becoming anxious without the ability to roam.

During this trial, we must cling to what we know is true

Being reminded of what is truly important and Who we should look to.

We must never overlook the power in a simple act of humanity.

Social distancing is a reminder we don’t go through this life passively.

The most important truth for our country is that one nation under God we stand

If only we would turn to Him, He would heal our land.

So, as we all tirelessly battle this invisible enemy

May we turn to the only One who can give us true victory.

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Why Worry?

Late night parties and spring break trips to the beach.

It’s my life, why would I listen to all this quarantine speech?

I can’t get this virus, I’m young, healthy, and strong

Besides, I’m still washing my hands and this virus won’t last long.

My government can’t take my rights away

Who are they trying to tell me how I’m supposed spend my day?

My grandparents will stay inside, and they will be okay

What is it going to hurt if just one person doesn’t do what they say?

I want to see my friends and what’s wrong with that?

Tuning out the incessant talk of “making the curve flat.”

Until one day I woke up with a fever, shortness of breath, and tight chest.

Now I’m calling my doctor and starting to get a little stressed.

My test comes back positive for COVID 19

It turns out this was much more serious than just keeping my hands clean.

Thoughts swirl inside my head about who I’ve come near

How many people my carelessness just impacted is still unclear.

So, when they tell you to stay inside, they are not killing your joy

Everyone is trying to make sure you still have a life left to enjoy.

So, the next time you want to ignore a warning you think is “too early”

It could happen to you, so stop saying, “Why do I need to worry?”

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