The Family Upstairs is the newest psychological thriller written by British author Lisa Jewell. Jewell has been writing for 2 decades, yet her fame in the US is still new. The Family Upstairs, along with several of her other more recent works such as Then She Was Gone and I Found You, are written in the currently-popular twist and turn suspense genre. The popularity of this style of book and her ability to spin a delicate and exciting thriller has now garnered her fame in the U.S, with continued appearances on the New York Times Bestseller list. While she is not a new author, she is new to me and I am excited that I now have several other books to add to my “to be read” list.

This story, told in the past and present by three different narrators tells of loss, evil, and determination. The family that once lived in an old house in Chelsea London started out as luxurious and wealthy. The children were excited about what children are usually excited about. The parents were outgoing and frequently seen in the papers alongside other local socialites. One of those children, Henry, tells the tale of when things start to change for his family. He shares how things morphed into what ultimately led to the bodies that were found in the house and the real story behind those that were never accounted for. But more importantly, he shares the story of how “the baby” came to be and why she was found all those years ago, left alone in a cradle. Was it a cult? A commune? A quiet, reclusive family? While almost 25 years later, the truth is still unknown to the public. There are many theories, none confirmed since the only person found alive was only 10 months old.

“The Baby,” now officially 25 years old and inheriting this mysterious house she knows nothing about, explores what happened all those years ago. She is understandably surprised by the information she is given but is compelled to learn the whole story. As she seeks out information, the past meets the present and she may not be ready for what she finds.

The links between the characters, the true history of the family’s ordeal, and the current whereabouts and lives of the characters are all slowly revealed through multiple narrators. The surprises and twists are clever and unexpected and will keep you reading page after page.

This book is one you will whip right through! The creepy and sinister questions lurking throughout the book encourage you to keep reading to find out what really happened to the family at 16 Cheyne Walk in Chelsea, London.

If you are looking for a quick-paced thriller, I recommend this book to you. And more good news – her next book is already slated to release in the U.S. on October 13, 2020!

The Yankton Community Library has this book in both print and audio formats in the library and through Libby or Overdrive. If you haven’t tried e-books yet, you can find more information at or call the library!