All of us have had a New Year’s resolution, but how many of us have stayed true to them? We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common resolutions, why they don’t always work out and what you can do to change that!

1. Lose weight: This is certainly the most common resolution for many of us. We all have high hopes to start a new workout regime or start eating healthy but life doesn’t always let that happen. This needs to be a lifestyle change for long term results. Giving yourself a real goal and measure those results daily/weekly will ensure you stay on course.

2. Quit smoking: Many options are on the market to assist you in quitting smoking. However, you really have to want to quit for this to work. Make yourself accountable by telling as many friends and family that you are quitting. They are sure to help you stay on track and be your cheerleaders to accomplish this difficult resolution.

3. Get out of debt: What a wonderful feeling it would be to be debt free! For most of us, that may seem out of reach but it is certainly attainable. The key here is to know what you owe. Once you have the overall picture in front of you, then a plan can be put into place. Also, try to spend cash whenever possible…it’s too easy to slide the credit card or debit card and hope for the best!

4. Travel: Once you have accomplished #3, traveling is a real possibility. If you have the means, travel to exotic places to get out of your comfort zone and trigger self-discovery. If money is tight, take a road trip that can be equally as exciting and memorable.

5. Volunteer: Time is usually the culprit as to why this resolution doesn’t make it very far. Determine first if you can truly dedicate yourself to a local cause. Volunteering can improve your mood and you can make new friends in the process. Truly rewarding!

6. Drink less: An easy way to make this resolution feasible is to avoid social situations when possible. Still enjoy the occasional drink with friends, but limit yourself by keeping your time associated with other obligations.

7. Get organized: It is easy to be overwhelmed when you do a quick scan of your household and want to give up before you start. You can certainly accomplish this resolution by making a list of what it is you want to organize and take it step-by-step. Crossing that last item off your list will be the best reward!

8. Learn a new hobby: Time can be a factor for this resolution as well. Just remember, a hobby is something you do in your “free” time. Find a group of people that share this same hobby and find how you can incorporate this in your life.

9. Make time with family: This is a resolution that we should all be able to keep every year! Make smart choices with your time. Allot an hour or two after dinner each night to spend with your family and then tackle the dishes/laundry/etc. We will not get this time back so make the most of it now!

10. Stop worrying: Wouldn’t more sleep be great? We all worry and that’s fine. However, determine right away if there is anything that YOU can do to fix the problem. If you can’t, don’t worry about it…spend your time staying positive and you will feel better mentally and physically.