Coming home again has been good for the Campana family -specifically, Bloomfield High graduate Marci.

Marci and Austin Campana are the owners of Bloomfield’s My Pretty Posh Princess store, however the entrepreneurial path they took to reach this point was not a planned one.

“My daughter was born two years ago and I just thought, ‘Oh, this is going to be fun,’” Marci said. “I was going to get to work with beads and design things for her. I have a passion for bead work and I was so excited. It was so fun to design things for her. From there, it just kind of developed on.”

The Campanas were living in Omaha and Marci’s love of beads had developed into an online business supplying them.

“Beads are just so fun to work with, there is such variety in the sizes, shapes, colors, patterns,” Marci said. “I started collecting them for myself and found that there just isn’t much supply out there so I started an online business selling them.”

From there, her family’s odyssey took off.

“I eventually had so many beads that we were outgrowing our space in Omaha, so we decided to move back to Bloomfield,” Marci explained. “The workroom I had set up at first here in Bloomfield felt huge. But, within a couple of months, we were outgrowing that as well, so we decided to purchase a store front.”

Marci said that for several months, the couple worked to renovate the former Farm Bureau building on North Broadway in Bloomfield. They first worked to renovate the store front and were thrilled to open to the public in December.

Then in January they held an open house featuring the “Frozen” Princesses.

“We had a fabulous turnout,” she said. “There were little girls everywhere and so excited to see the princesses. It was everything I could have hoped for.”

Since then, Marci said that business has been growing at a steady pace, and that they are expanding the products offered in the store.

“We have several exciting new projects in the works,” she said. “I am currently designing our first clothing line and working on getting that developed.”

In fact, the Campanas just returned from a trade show in Las Vegas where they were working to develop new ideas for their store.

Currently, My Pretty Posh Princess provides custom designed jewelry for children and women. They also have some boutique clothing, which, with the new line, will be expanded.

“My primary focus has always been the jewelry,”

Marci said. “I work with my supplier when I have a custom bead idea and make custom pendants, as well. They are so open to trying new ideas, which allows me to be even more creative.”

Another advantage for Marci and Austin is that they are getting to work together and their children -- Christian (4) and Emily (2) -- are close at hand.

“Austin had a very good job where he was on the road a lot when we lived in Omaha,” she said. “He was able to transfer down here, but with the way the business has taken off, it is really taking both of us to run it. So, he is working about one day a week selling insurance, and the rest of the time we are working this business.”

Marci said she still has the online portion of her business, which primarily focuses on supplying beads, but even that is evolving with the store front.

“I am starting to offer more custom pieces online, as well,” she said. “I honestly never thought I would come back to Nebraska, let alone Bloomfield, once I graduated high school and moved to Colorado where I met Austin. When we moved to Omaha, it was to be closer to family because of our children. Then the business took off and the right place to be was here in Bloomfield. This has been a great move for us.”

“We are just so excited and happy to be here,” Marci said. “I love what I am doing and I can’t wait for all the new plans we have to come to fruition.”

Currently, My Pretty Posh Princess is open on Fridays from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. and Saturdays 10:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. The website for the business is Marci can be contacted at Appointments can be set up by calling 402-373-4438.