We all have been overwhelmed at some point in our lives and we just know that there has to be a better way to get through the day-to-day grind and enjoy life to its fullest. “I don’t have time now” or “I will get to that later” are words spoken much too often. I believe we can all find the time to accomplish our main goals in life and here are some easy steps to take now to get you closer:

1. Declutter Your Home

Take this one bite at a time. Start with the big things and the smaller ones will follow. Coming home to a clean/organized home has many benefits for you and your whole family. Make a solid list and cross off each accomplishment one at a time. You will soon find your home clutter free and your time will free up directly after.

2. Declutter Your Mind

Holding on to any type of negativity towards yourself or others will completely fill up your thoughts and you will have no room for the positive. Assess your surroundings. Get rid of the things that aren’t a positive influence on your life and embrace the things you enjoy. You will notice your attitude and outlook will improve quickly.

3. Make A Budget

Money is usually on our minds. We spend countless hours worrying about what we need/want. With no structure, it can take over most of our time that could be spent more productive elsewhere. By setting your budget each month, you will have peace knowing what can or cannot be purchased at that time and what you can look forward to in the future.

4. Put Down Your Phone

Your friends, spouse, children and family in your presence are way more important that anything you could be browsing through on your phone. This is time you will not get back, spend it with the ones that are in your company for a reason. Feel free in your private time to catch up on social media but make memories with the ones around you at the time.

5. Delegate

This is a great reminder to all mothers who feel they are running around all day putting out fires one at a time. Know that your spouse and children can fill some of those daily duties you have been doing for years. It will amaze you that by delegating just a few duties each day, a lot of your time will become available.

6. Learn To Say ‘No’

It certainly feels good to say ‘yes’ to volunteering for a great cause. However, when we continue to say yes all the time, we cannot devote the necessary time to any one cause and making it less beneficial for both you and the group you are trying to help. Focus on a few projects/causes you feel strongly about and remove yourself from the others that may benefit from someone else stepping in.

7. Eat Slowly

Not only will you get to enjoy the food you are eating; there are also health benefits to taking your time. Your digestion will improve greatly and will probably result in eating less at one sitting, therefore losing any extra weight.

8. Make A Weekly Dinner Menu

“What’s for dinner?”…those 3 words haunt us all each day. Although cereal is a good stand-by, we could all benefit from spending some time on the weekend and planning the week’s menu / grocery shopping all in one day. No longer having to run to the grocery store each day after work will open your time up substantially (and probably save some money).

9. Stop Worrying

Nothing has ever been solved by sitting for hours worrying about what “might” happen. You cannot “what if” your life away. Acknowledge first if this is something you can truly resolve and have control over. If you have no control over it, don’t worry about it.

10. Want Less

It is easy to get caught up in wanting bigger and better things. Until you truly appreciate the things you have now, the next big thing won’t put you at ease either. By appreciating what you already have and being thankful is the best advice to follow to simplifying your life.