Wayne Kindle and family

The outdoors has a special place in Wayne Kindle’s heart.


As superintendent of the Yankton School District, Kindle spends much of his time in an office or a school building. However, he is able to find time to breathe in the open air by taking walks with his wife of 34 years, Marjorie, a Yankton High School math teacher. Walking paths next to the Missouri River and the Meridian Bridge are among their favorite locations for these excursions.

“Growing up in a rural farming community like Winner and being surrounded by hard-working, salt-of-the-earth people positively contributed to my life,” he said. “I am proud to have been surrounded by a caring community as that one. I always feel welcome when I return for visits, and I can always call it home.”

Yankton has been his primary home for 27 years since he moved his family to town.

“We have no regrets,” he said. “The community and school district have been really good to my entire family. We could never have had a better school system for our own children to get their education.”

He credits everybody involved with the school system, the community and personal friendships for making Yankton a great place to raise a family.

The Kindles have three grown children — Paige, Scott and Trevor — with eight grandchildren between them. Paige is a dentist in Yankton, Scott is a dermatologist in Sioux Falls and Trevor is currently on a medical residency in Sioux Falls.

“Our kids have worked very hard, and we are extremely proud of their accomplishments,” Kindle said. “We are really blessed to have our grandchildren, as well as our two daughters-in-law and son-in-law.”

Family togetherness is very important to the Kindles. According to Wayne, they do at least one trip together with their immediate family each summer and go to his brother-in-law’s farm north of Winner to hunt pheasant and deer each fall.

“I also enjoy going to the farm to ride the 4-wheeler and sit in a field listening to the cattle to enjoy nature and just being in the country,” he said. “It is a relaxing getaway for me to go to the farm with no phone calls, worries or meetings.”

Another way he likes to relax is by mowing his lawn in the summer.

“My children would say that’s my biggest hobby,” Kindle remarked.

He uses his time on the lawnmower to wind down and enjoy being outside, while also occasionally giving his grandchildren rides in a wagon attached to the machine.

He doesn’t relax often during the school year, as he makes an effort to be at as many school events as possible, from concerts to plays to sporting games.

“I pride myself in supporting our students and staff by getting to a variety of events,” he said. “When I get home at night, I want to switch from school mode to home mode. That isn’t always easy to do in today’s world with technology, iPhones and social media. But we all need to recharge. It is healthy to have a break away.”

However, he also enjoys the hours he is on the clock.

“The education profession has also allowed me to work with young people, hopefully guiding some students along the way and making a positive difference,” he said. “I really can’t put into words my gratitude and the privilege it is to be the Yankton School District superintendent. The Yankton School District is a special place and so is this community.”

Faith, family and friends are the three main ingredients to a blessed life, he added.

“As far as my family goes, I have taken the advice of my father-in-law: ‘Win, lose or draw, you are always welcome home,’” Kindle said.