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Food & Fun With The Huffs the family gatherings,” Steve said. “But this is different. This is an honor thing. And that’s what makes it so much more personal for me.” When they attended a recent wedding, Steve and Tracy Huff brought The Huffs’ offer to make the meal went beyond friendship. Steve, an attorney, had gotten to know the groom through their work with East the ultimate gift — the meal. River Legal Services. The organization provides legal assistance for And we’re not talking about paying for the catering. those who cannot otherwise afford the help they need. The Huffs wanted to provide a special touch for a friend’s August wedding in Sioux Falls. Because of their culinary experience, the Huffs The groom had taken the organization to new heights in terms of offered to make and bring the meal — and it wasn’t appetizers or finger funding and other aspects, Steve said. As a result, East River Legal Services has expanded its outreach in terms of participating attorneys sandwiches. and the clients who can now receive the proper legal representation. The Huffs put their multiple smokers to good use outside their In turn, those clients benefit in the courts and often receive outcomes Yankton home. They prepared a carnivore’s fantasy, initially planning that better their lives, Steve said. 50 pounds of pork, 35 pounds of brisket and around 30 pounds of Using legal terms, the wedding meal was a done deal and nonchicken. negotiable, Steve said. But for a guest list of 125 people, the Huffs opted for a large amount The groom was more than a little overwhelmed when told of the of meat. “gift.” It turned out to be the right decision. The guests consumed “We said, ‘We’re excited that you’re getting married, and we’re everything, right down to the very ends. cooking for your wedding,’” Steve said. “At first, he said, ‘No, you’re “All 130 pounds of smoked meat are gone,” Steve said after the wedding meal. “I accidentally palmed (off) the burnt ends, and it’s now not!’ When we insisted, he said he would pay us. We said, ‘You’re not paying us anything. We’ve got your wedding. We’re bringing the booze Tracy’s favorite.” and food. All you have to do is eat, drink and be merry, and that’s the The Huffs are no strangers to cooking for large parties and end of it. That’s my negotiating, and we’re through here now (with any gatherings. But this wedding meal took things to the next level. 6”x48” their Yankton home, they talked stress-free warranty, further discussion).’” As they prepared the meal in planks with a lifetime about what made to meal so special. designed this coordinate with today’s décor and to stand up to all of life’s messes. “We’ve done the Super Bowl party. We’ve done the charity meal and vHUFFS continued on page 20 vBy Randy Dockendorf gton.com | 1.800.356.6787 ©Floor Designs Copyrighted by Mannington Mills, Inc. ®©™Mannington Mills, Inc. 2016 Adura ® LUXURY VINYL TILE | PLANK Featuring a wide array of styles, designs, and possibilities, Adura® combines the look of real wood or tile with the exceptional durability and performance of a premium luxury vinyl ?oor. Larsen Carpet Laminate | Porcelain | Resilient | Hardwood Retailer Imprint 6”x48” planks with a lifetim designed to coordinate with today’s déco 208 Walnut|605.665.2067 Historic Downtown Yankton mannington.com | 1.800.356.6787 ©Floor Designs Copyrighted by Manning HERVOICEvSEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2019v19 Retailer Imprint mannington.com | 1.800.356.6787 Retailer

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