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vMEAD continued from page 22 vintage Christmas complete with a Victorian Santa, crafts and activities for the kids. What is next? Crystal has a vision and tons of ideas for the future. She would like to expand the research capabilities for the collections. In addition, she sees numerous training opportunities and the creation of a preservation and training laboratory. Crystal explained the lab would teach people how to preserve items in their personal collections. She also sees an opportunity for a collections care training where conservators train volunteers. Currently, there are few if any conservators in South Dakota, so building a pool of trained volunteers would be a benefit statewide in the preservation of historical objects. Crystal said the community support for this project has been tremendous. Without the countless hours from volunteers and financial contributions none of the progress would be possible. Historically accurate restoration is of the upmost importance, so plaster artists constructed molds to recreate missing or broken decorative plaster moldings. Windows and woodwork are being restored by a master wood worker. Stencils were recreated to paint the beautifully embellished ceilings. The list goes on with many projects completed by volunteers. From an abandoned building in disrepair to how it looks today is amazing to say the least. While there is still more work ahead, the end of the road is in sight. The glimmer and shine of this gem is one of a kind. Thanks to the YCHS and community members dedicated to preserving our heritage we have this beautiful cultural and educational center. Dr. Mead would be proud to know his memory is being honored and a building from his vision is being preserved and enjoyed for generations to come. To learn more about the Mead Cultural Education Center visit their website at meadbuilding.org. n vFAMILY BOND continued from page 7 She smiles, “It’s really nice when you get a kid that could not learn how to read and could not learn how to behave in school and to just be able to see them be successful.” She has also been a source of sensible advice to her daughters. Martha comments, “I think the best advice that Judy had ever given me was to compartmentalize. You go to work and do your best for the kids and then you leave it at school. And when you go home and you be there for your family, be a spouse, be a parent, be for yourself. The same thing, when you have a personal issue, you don’t get to take it to school, because at school you’re there to be the best for your students.” Happenstance They all enjoy the surprise of seeing past students. Martha comments how she has had kids come back to find her to visit, often it’s the ones that she wouldn’t have expected to. They talk about being spotted by students when they’re out in the community. They laugh, explaining that Judy knows someone everywhere they go. Judy tells a story of their experience earlier that day at Hy-Vee. A previous student, now in middle school, saw Judy come in the store. The student and her father wandered around the store to find Judy, just so the girl could say “hi.” I admit, it is fun when you see a favorite teacher years after you were their student. The wealth of knowledge among this trio is inspiring to see and it’s impressive to consider the number of students the group has impacted over the years. Their strong connection of consideration, compassion and drive to help those with special needs makes me stop and wonder. “Is this just a common bond or maybe it really could be genetic?” n • ZOSTAVAX®: Shingles Vaccine No prescription necessary if 60 years or older. • TDap (Diptheria, Tetanus, Pertussis) No prescription necessary if 18 years or older. • Prevnar13-Pneumonia • Pneumovax23-Pneumonia No prescription necessary if 65 years or older. • FLU/INFLUENZA Adult or Children 6 years or older. • HIGH DOSE FLU/INFLUENZA Recommended for 65 years or older. Get Your Flu Shot With Us And Receive EL SAVER FU 20 ¢ Fuel Saver offer available to all customers. No insurance exclusions. Limit 1 offer per customer. *With Hy-Vee Fuel Saver™ Card. See store for details. Fuel savings are limited to 20 gallons per vehicle. Immunization Headquarters See pharmacy for details. All Medicare Parts B and D accepted. Check Out... hervoiceonline Pharmacy 2100 Broadway, Yankton 665-8261 HERVOICEvSEPTEMBSEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2019v23

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