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The church coffee bar created by the quartet. Left to right: Wendy Christiansen, Shelly Hansen, Shelley DeJong, Christiana Ostrem. Mosaic Quartet Unites Others in Faith vBy Julie Eickhoff Four women with a passion for singing and a dedication to faith were brought together to spread the rewarding joy of music and worship with others. Wendy Christiansen, Shelley DeJong, Shelly Hansen and Christiana Ostrem found the power in their music when they first sang together at a funeral in 2014. Though not yet formally considered a quartet, all four sang for DeJong’s mom, DeJong bravely singing with them. She later told the group that the moment carried her through the rest of that difficult day. They didn’t sing together again until a church service in 2016 and another funeral in early 2017. After this last appearance, word spread about the harmonious group and they soon received requests to sing at events together: anniversaries, women’s retreats, funerals, senior banquets, worship nights, harvest festivals and even made an appearance at the Turner County Fair. They presented Christmas music during the holiday at the beautiful new Danish Museum in Viborg, sharing their love of holiday music with others. Their quartet name wasn’t considered until later. “We were told that we needed a name,” Wendy said as they all laugh. The four found themselves sitting in the corner of the peaceful First Baptist Church in Viborg, throwing out several possible names. As they prayed for assistance for a fitting name, the perfect acronym came to them – Mosaic, or “Making our Souls Alive in Christ.” 6vHERVOICEvMAY/JUNE 2019 The quartet practices together. Left to Right: Christiana Ostrem, Shelley DeJong, Wendy Christiansen, Shelly Hansen. Christiansen recalls how she thought the name was fitting as she gazed up at the colorful stained-glass windows. “Our voices are all so different individually. I was shocked the first time I sang with these gals, everything just fit, just like those different colors of glass.” Though the ladies all now live in the close-knit community of Viborg and all have similar musical and religious backgrounds, each personal story and music preference varies. Music genres of jazz, worship, acoustic, country, 80’s, classical, contemporary and rock were mentioned. They laugh, explaining that not everyone in the group likes country. Christiansen grew up in Clear Lake, SD and remembers her first

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