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Large Munsterlanders: A Breed For All Seasons vBy Aimee Huntley Dogs have always been treasured members of Lori and Todd Rothenberger’s family. Both Lori and Todd had prior hunting backgrounds, while growing up in the South Dakota outdoors. In the years after their daughters have moved out of their home for college and marriage, the couple have been able to devote a lot of their time together enjoying their favorite things: being in nature, hunting, and working with their dogs. Their first dog, Mickey, (named for the three large spots on his back that looked like the famous Disney mouse) was a German shorthaired pointer. When their daughters; RiAnna and Taylor, were still in grade school, the family enjoyed participating in the canine program, “Dog R Us” with the Yankton 4-H Program. Todd was the “Dogs R Us” leader for seven of his fourteen years with the club. Mickey was a wonderful dog, and he was a popular visitor at local nursing homes, but he wasn’t properly trained for hunting, and was high energy and always on the go. He had trouble adjusting to family time when not hunting, because he had such a strong drive for the prey outside and would bolt after any fowl, every chance he got. Regardless of any breed they’ve owned, Lori and Todd have always wanted their dogs to be very socialized and have taken them to public gatherings often. Whether it was to walk in annual parades such as: The Parade of Think Spring! Call today to start planning this years landscaping projects! NatureScaping Designs llc Design | Build | Maintain 10vHERVOICEvMAY/JUNE 2019 Holiday Lighting 605.661.1205 www.naturescapingdesigns.com

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