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vBy Harlie Hacecky When you’re little, everyone says the sky’s the limit. So, as a child, you dream of doing the extraordinary such as traveling to Pluto or becoming the next princess. I was guilty of the latter. My name is Harlie Hacecky, and I’m a senior at Yankton High School. It’s amazing how time flies when you’re having fun, and even more unbelievable to see how my fellow students and I changed over the years. As I’m preparing for my graduation and attempting to decipher God’s plan for my future, I can’t help but look back on my last four years and the lessons I’ve learned. Freshman Year Time Flies When You’re Having Fun! ducing... Intro I remember the day before I started freshman year. After watching countless movies about high school such as Mean Girls, I was more than a little nervous! What if I got lost, walked into the wrong classroom, or sat at the wrong lunch table? Then, there’s the irrational fear that I will be jammed into a locker or pushed into a toilet-- You can thank Hollywood for those ideas! But, I was also hopeful that high school was going to be the best change for me. As a child who was bullied, I hoped high school would be a fresh start. I planned to join numerous activities and desired to find a group of friends which I belonged. I continued in my chosen sport of golf, joined The Cellar Door Magazine (art magazine), and became a member of the school newspaper. But as everyone says, high school is a jungle. You still have your stereotypical popular, athlete, and nerd social circles. You still feel out of place when surrounded by the other social groups, and sometimes you feel like you’re under a microscope just waiting for someone to prod at you. Sadly, bullying still occurs in high school. I’ve seen it, but the one thing that changed was I grew confident. I realized, I loved who I was, and if someone felt differently, it was their prerogative. I branched out, met new people, and began to thrive. Sophomore Year The great thing about high school, is you can be friends with people from different grades. YOUR SPECIAL OCCASION IS OUR SPECIALTY Creative And Delicious Catering For Every Occasion And Every Budget 2100 Broadway, Yankton Steve Aldrich Hy-Vee Kitchen Manager/Catering Coordinator 12vHERVOICEvMAY/JUNE 2019 Kitchen & Catering 665-3412 www.hy-vee.com

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