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You Can’t Top A Tapa! Huffs Roll Out A 7-Course Meal, Spanish vBy Randy Dockendorf After enduring a long, tough winter, Steve and Tracy Huff decided to lighten things up. What was the Yankton couple’s solution? They put out a great spread of foods, tapa style. So, what’s a tapa? “A tapa is a smaller portion, like an appetizer, but you can put several courses together and make a meal of it,” Tracy said. While often served in a bar, tapas are more sophisticated than the finger food that Americans often associate with appetizers, she added. Taking it another step, Steve said the concept originated in Spain. The early tapas actually served a dual purpose. “A tapa was originally something like a piece of ham that was placed on top of a glass of wine,” he said. “The ham kept the aroma in (the glass) and the insects out of your drink. And then, you could eat the ham as an appetizer.” He described a tapa as an experience and not just a meal. “We like tapas. It’s a meal made of small portions and enjoyed in an intimate setting. I like of think of it as a Spanish style of dining that we can enjoy in South Dakota,” he said. “So many of the meals we have prepared were for large gatherings, but this (tapas) is more of something you can enjoy for a Sunday, a holiday or any other day. It’s not traditional, but I enjoy non-traditional meals. One time, my grandparents in their 80s said they didn’t want anything traditional for Thanksgiving. They wanted a meal Style they never experienced before. I was up for the challenge, and they really liked it.” Tapas can include hot or cold food; meats, seafood, cheeses, fruits or vegetables; and a variety of tastes ranging from mild to spicy. The Huffs’ menu offered something for every type of palate. •stuffed mushrooms with Dimock cheese, scallions, shrimp and paprika; •smoked chick peas with red onion, sumac and lemon; •grilled asparagus with lemon zest, sesame seeds on pumpernickel rye or sourdough butter toasts; vHUFFS continued on page 18 1101 Broadway Ste. 105, Morgen Square 605.665.2448 www.scottfamilysmiles.com Experience Gentle, Personalized Dental Care For Your Entire Family! HERVOICEvMAY/JUNE 2019v17

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