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Artistic Communication – Update on Reanna Schultz vBy Brandi Bue pring! Think S Her Voice last spoke to Reanna Schultz in 2014, at the time she was a recent University of South Dakota graduate where she obtained her BFA in Sculpture and at that time she talked about her recent senior exhibition which was a series of dresses she had created out of unordinary materials. The dress series featured 10 dresses made from different materials such as glass, concrete, nails, tar and shingles, house paint, aluminum flashing, cedar, plaster and lath, porcelain, and copper wiring. Aside from these materials being a connection to her past, she also chose these harsh materials to start a conversation about the stereotypes of women; especially the struggles of women being accepted in a maledominated field of work. “Sculpture is my means of artistic communication because I enjoy the process and challenge of using nontraditional materials and methods.” Reanna also happens to be a close friend of mine whose work inspires and amazes me at every turn. Throughout my own undergrad career at USD, my work showcased her quite a bit. Obviously, things haven’t changed too much as Reanna’s recent honor of being a Visiting Artist at USD provided me with another opportunity to share Reanna and her work with others, as well as giving Her Voice readers an opportunity to be updated on what she’s been doing since 2014. After graduating from University of South Dakota with her BFA, Reanna continued her education at University of Montana to obtain her MFA in NaturescapiNg DesigNs ( Landscaping | HoLiday decorating ) CALL US TODAY 605.661.1205 16vHERVOICEvMAY/JUNE 2018 NatureScapiNgDeSigNS.com laurawNSD@gmail.com Casted Hands Prepping the furnace with a layer of glass.

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