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vHIS EATS continued from page 5 After some tender loving care in the smoker, the green beans were taken to the next level. Not only did Steve retain much of the crunch, but the sauce seeped even more into the veggie. He brought his work back to the kitchen counter, offering a great side dish. “This is great. Oh, yeah!” he said, sampling the beans and offering them to the guest. But an evening with the Huffs isn’t just about good food. It’s also about the good libations that go with it. Once again, the drinks complemented and didn’t overpower the food. Tracy noted she could enjoy beer, wine or a cocktail, but this evening she went with the fruit of the vine. “This is a Cabernet Sauvignon,” she said, pointing to the label. But she didn’t pour straight from the bottle. She slowly and carefully strained the wine. The procedure, which resembled using a coffee filter, separated out sediment that would have left a bitter flavor. The deeper flavor provided an enjoyable contrast to the spring rolls, smoked green beans and tuna spread on crackers (the tuna also tasted great on its own). Steve, on the other hand, chose a cocktail for his guilty pleasure. This evening, he goes for the Manhattan in a chilled glass. “A Manhattan is usually made with whiskey, but you can also use rye or bourbon,” he said. “I prefer mine with rye, especially Rittenhouse rye.” Steve took a pull on his Manhattan, opening his eyes wide with pleasure. “Hell fire, this is great for the soul!” he proclaimed with an emphatic “thumbs up.” Variety is the spice of life, and Steve said he also enjoys margaritas and the gin and tonic. Steve is also a fan of a good Bloody Mary, complete with Worcestershire sauce and celery. However, he encourages experimentation by pairing the tomato juice with different alcohol besides the traditional vodka. “The same thing with a Moscow mule,” he said, pulling out the distinctive cup and handle. “The Moscow mule uses vodka and ginger beer. You can have a great Kentucky mule with bourbon instead of the vodka.” For that matter, Steve advises throwing out all the rules when it comes to pairing food and drink. “They say you don’t pair fish with red wine, but Tracy likes Cabernet Sauvignon. With tuna, you might like either a red or white wine. Drier fish might be better matched with white wine. Red wine would go well with halibut or cod,” he advised. “We should enjoy your own choice of drink with whatever food we’re enjoying. It doesn’t matter if it’s red meat, chicken, fish, salad or vegetables. I don’t think you should worry about red wine or white wine with a certain food. Listen to your taste buds and do whatever you like.” As if the evening couldn’t get any better, Steve looked slyly as he unveiled the finale. “Do you like coffee?” he asked me. But there was no coffee pot to be found, or even cups for that matter. Instead, he appeared with a small sample of coffee liqueur — along with two bars of chocolate. “Try the chocolate bars and guess the flavors with them,” he said, challenging me. The very question made me wonder what was hidden inside the dessert. A bite of the first block unleashed a burst of orange. A bite of the second block produced a totally different sensation — the almost bitter chocolate mixed with the kick of chili. And yet, I didn’t feel the need to grab something to drink. Steve emphasized that all of the ingredients could be obtained easily at most supermarkets. He generally gets his meat processed through Steiner’s Market in Yankton, but he also praised other area butchers vHIS EATS continued on page 18 Bob’s bike was his passion... We made sure his final ride was memorable. Planning in advance creates a funeral service that reflects your loved ones wishes. Celebrations of life as unique as the individual being remembered. Guiding and serving families with compassion and trust. Kevin Opsahl 14vHISVOICEvMAY/JUNE 2018 Funeral Home & Crematory, Yankton Memorial Resource Center, Tyndall Memorial Chapels, Tabor, Menno & Tyndall 665-9679 • 1-800-495-9679 www.opsahl-kostelfuneralhome.com

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