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But Dvorak also shares his love for cycling with his family. “My kids all grew up riding bikes, too,” he said. “It’s just our way of being healthy, being active, getting the kids away from TV and video games as they became popular. It’s a family thing.” Group Riding One of the more popular trends in cycling is group rides, such as RAGBRAI (Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa) — and Dvorak and Andre have both participated in group rides. While Dvorak has done RAGBRAI and a number of other group rides, there’s one ride that has a special meaning to him that he continues to Matt Dvorak helps members of Boy Scout Troop #181 participate in every year. earn their bicycle merit badges in the summer of 2006. “I had a friend that got me started riding for the and Andre are seeing more and more participation in as the years go Multiple Sclerosis Society,” he said. “Last summer, along. I did the one in Omaha and that’s been 28 years in a row I’ve ridden Andre said he sees an importance beyond simple recreation. that. My mom had MS, so I got started riding that ride. I’ve done all “I’m interested in cycling as transportation,” he said. “I do all types kinds of other rides, too, but that’s the one I support every year.” of cycling — I’ll go out and do group rides and things like that around Andre said he started going on group rides about the time he came town. I’ve gone on RAGBRAI, I’ve gone on RASDak (Ride Across to Yankton. South Dakota) across South Dakota, I’ve toured across South Dakota “When I moved to town, I just got involved with things like the with Panniers and Load Up Your Tent and everything like that. I like Sertoma Club and there was a running club,” he said. “I got to know every aspect of cycling, but what interests me the most is using a bike some of the people that liked to do (group rides) so you get in on the for getting to places you want to go.” circuit, so-to-speak and you just jump in, go where the people are Andre is no stranger to this — living nearly 10 miles west of town, riding the bikes and join them.” Andre is more than willing to frequently make the trip to town using a He said that, so far, his favorite experience has been riding across bicycle, no matter the season. Iowa as a participant in RAGBRAI. “That’s an experience any cyclist should have on their bucket list,” he However, he said he doesn’t see that everywhere. “That’s something that’s severely lacking, not only in our country, said. “You’ve got thousands and thousands of bike riders from all over but particularly in the Midwest,” he said. the country — and even out of the country — that come to Iowa to Dvorak said biking is a great asset, but more needs to be done in the ride across the state. It’s like a rolling fair.” Yankton area to facilitate it. Andre has participated in the complete RAGBRAI twice and has “It’s a healthy way to get around, but it’s an economically smart way run certain segments several other years. to get around,” he said. “We have to have the path system in place to do that because it’s dangerous out on the roads. People are texting more. A Changing Culture In many ways, bicycling is a culture — a culture that both Dvorak vCYCLING ENTHUSIASTS continued on page 15 We’ve got you covered We are a team of EXPERTS. 10 Plus Years Combined Experience A new roof can reduce your energy costs and protect your MOST valuable possessions. • Roofing • Siding • Gutters • Repairs and more! 605-857-1472 Locally owned & operated in yankton HISVOICEvMAY/JUNE 2018v13

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