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“It was at that time, in 1977,” Roger acknowledges, “that I retired from the military after 21 years of service and started my business right here in Yankton as one of the very first Independent-Fee appraisers in the area.” As Roger tells me of this milestone in his life, Kathy Quinlivan, an apprentice working towards a license in appraising under the tutelage of Roger, smiles, happy I am sure, that Roger chose the path of becoming a licensed Appraiser. However, according to Roger, he was not always just a licensed Appraiser. In the late 80’s interest rates skyrocketed, and it was during this time that Roger contracted with the State of South Dakota to develop certification standards for drug and alcohol counselors. “I had my appraisal business and I also was the Executive Director of the South Dakota Chemical Dependency Counselors Certification Board.” “Drug and alcohol counselor certification back then was not a common thing and we developed the certification standards which is now in effect here. It has been changed over the years somewhat, but South Dakota was the fourth state to have a national reciprocity.” Being the Executive Director for the state’s certification board opened a new avenue for Roger and it was at that point he decided to sell his business to his co-worker, Beverly Gehm, and move to Missouri to occupy the role of Deputy Director for the Division of Drug and Alcohol Abuse. It was in Missouri that Roger became the Chief Commercial Appraiser for the State of Missouri and then went to Oklahoma eighteen months later to develop certification standards for counselors in Oklahoma. Listening to Roger talk about his employment positions and experiences early in his working career amazes me. He seemed to have had an incredible forward momentum and I can clearly see how being in Special Forces was something he was able to accomplish and succeed in. Ordinary he is not! Roger eventually returned home to South Dakota and took a position as a Senior Loan Officer for Farm Credit Services in Yankton. It was in 2003 that Roger began appraising again, keeping his license up-to-date during his time away from the business. “I started my appraising business again in 2003 here in Yankton and have been doing it ever since. Back in the ‘old days’ I did farms and commercial properties but since I have come back I do mostly Recipe eef Pot Pie hipped dBnion (large) C ppe o t up 1 cup cho ried beef, cu our z. package d 1/4 o 2 tbsp. fl per cup butter 1/4 1/4 tsp. pep lt 1/4 tsp. sa es sliced potato 2 cups thin ts sliced carro ouillon cube (beef) 2 cups thin 1b ur and r fat. Stir in flo er 5 2 cups wate and beef in mm ute onion Cover and si Method: Sa ith ingredients. maining le and top w seasoning, re ixture in 2-quart cassero to 30 ur m ne. Bake 25 minutes. Po cuits work fi e canned bis to 8 servings. biscuits. Th kton, SD 50 F. Makes 6rs. Norman Hilson, YanLady Book inutes at 42 M or m Your Neighb 65 From the 19 Kathy and Roger residential properties.” Roger is an appraiser, but he also carries the credentials to be a Supervisor. He can supervise apprentices in the business of Appraising, and guide them toward becoming licensed appraisers. This is a task that is both rewarding and immensely gratifying. “I have the patience to do it if they have the patience to work with me,” Roger says, looking at Kathy, his current apprentice, for approval of that statement. I ask Kathy if she does indeed have the patience to work with Roger and her reply is very simple and to the point, “I’m still here and it’s been a year!” she says with unmistakable enthusiasm. Roger and Kathy seem to have a good working relationship and Roger tells me that being a Supervisor is not a bad way to spend his time. “I don’t do this for the money anymore, this is my “Adult Day Care”. How many guys eighty years old, (that’s right readers, Roger is 80 vWILLCUT continued on page 15 ! nners to go 2 piece di .... 1Choose from l ye tfisyh•Wamleevegetable ke •Ca •Chsihcd pontoes and grav and stea d ta a e Includes m $ 00 Only 4 Call & Order Ahead 665.9884 ce 1971 Owned Sin Family 2809 Broadway Ave., Yankton • 605-665-9884 • 11:00AM to 9:00PM • Open Sundays at 10:30AM HISVOICEvMAY/JUNE 2018v11

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