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mementos from her Alaskan family to cherish. Today being online and connected is even more important as Fargo and her husband have divorced, amicably, so the internet connection keeps the bond of father and children strong. In the early years of their marriage, he traveled in between Alaska and South Dakota as he continued to work in Alaska. He visits the crew in Gayville when he can and is very involved with his family. “Sometimes it happens a couple makes better friends than partners and so it is with us,” Fargo said. The Fargos as a family have never been back to Alaska because it is so expensive, but Fargo works to encourage the children to explore the world when they finish high school, even check out colleges in Alaska so they can be near to their father and experience his life, too. Not only does Fargo keep busy caring, loving and raising nine children, she also homeschools her family. “I find it’s a fine balance, juggling school time, my part-time jobs and my children’s personalities,” Fargo said with a laugh. “Some wake at the crack of dawn while others like to sleep, so it keeps me busy finding ways to personalize each one’s situation.” Say for instance Number Two child does not like to do multiplication cards so Fargo may download work sheets from the Internet. The homeschooling process allows her the opportunity to be creative and custom-design each one’s education. A day’s worth of classes takes about three hours in the Fargo house. The family orders educational material off the internet which offers a wealth of information for students age preschool to high school. There is an abundance of excellent worksheets with positive skill sets to choose from. In South Dakota, just like students attending a brick and mortar school, homeschooled students are required to complete the Stanford Achievement Test in math and reading in fourth, eighth and eleventh grades. This is the basic requirement for homeschooled children in South Dakota and Fargo’s children don’t mind the testing. When the children gradually began growing into high school classwork, Fargo said she was a little apprehensive thinking about Algebra and Geometry. Her oldest told her not to worry and showed her a YouTube video demonstrating a particularly challenging geometric problem. It was almost like magic and an answer to her prayers. “You can find YouTube videos on almost anything,” Fargo said with a laugh and a sigh of relief. Since the oldest Fargo sibling is 17, thoughts about a graduation celebration are starting to take shape. His dad will be coming to help celebrate and he thinks about the future. Fargo will have all her children take the GED certification and ACT testing will also be scheduled as college education looms in the near future. There are a different set of guidelines for college entrance requirements for homeschooled students since they don’t have class rankings or GPA data, so her family will have the opportunity to enter the ranks of higher education. She adds 6”x48” planks with a lifetime stress-free warranty,how many options he has. He has an interest in her son is realizing how big the world is and theatre, works at radio station or to all of about messes. designed to coordinate with today’s décor and ato stand upeven wonderslife’s running a daycare. Retailer Imprint ©Floor Designs Copyrighted by Mannington Mills, Inc. ®©™Mannington Mills, Inc. 2016 BEAUTIFUL | DURABLE | FLOORS Designed for real life and built-to-last, Mannington® vinyl, laminate, hardwood, and Adura® vinyl floors are both beautiful and durable. Larsen Carpet Laminate | Porcelain | Resilient | Hardwood gton.com | 1.800.356.6787 vFARGO continued on page 14 6”x48” planks with a lifetim designed to coordinate with today’s déco 208 Walnut|605.665.2067 Historic Downtown Yankton mannington.com | 1.800.356.6787 ©Floor Designs Copyrighted by Manning HERVOICEvMAY/JUNE 2018v9 Retailer Imprint Retailer

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