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Living... Ted and Jennifer Powell knew when they moved to Yankton that they wanted to find a historical home in the historic home district. They waited quite a while until they found a home that was large enough for their 4 children and was a fixer upper. They both love old homes but they also knew that it needed to be a home that fits into their family’s lifestyle. “It was not going to work for us to live in a museum.” Their home was completed in March of 1874 and just for a time reference, Custer visited the area in 1873. The house was built by I.M. Higbee and his wife Charlotte. Higbee was a clerk for the General Surveyor of Dakota Territory. At the time, Higbee had built his home around a couple of prominent friends out in the country. Higbee’s son was the architect for the house and designed it in the Italianate style. The house was a team effort between Ted and Jennifer. Since both of them are teachers, they spent many summers working on projects but they still have many projects they want to complete. They haven’t done much to the outside because they would like to find a photo of what the house originally looked like. There’s not a picture of the house until the 60s and by then the house had already changed. There is one photo where you can only see a tiny corner of the house, but you can see that there was some sort of porch and molding that is common with Italianate homes. Ted also believes because of this photo that the home might have had a tower of some sort, which is also common in Italianate homes. The home had also been turned into small sleeping rooms/ apartments, which is actually quite common of a lot of the houses in the historic district. This was during a time when many of the big homes weren’t being appreciated. Ted and Jennifer found when they moved in that the upstairs doors had been keyed for individual locks. One guy who had lived in their home had said that there was a distillery in the basement and they threw hops up on the side and when it rained you could still smell the hops. Their home is decorated in two styles; they have decorated it with many antiques and family items from both of their families while also adding some modern things in. “These pieces we love as there are stories with each piece of furniture or other pieces. Wedding presents from 1885. Books from the old country. It makes us cherish what it was like in Dakota Territory and Verdigre Nebraska, where Jennifer is originally from.” However, many things in their home were missing when they moved in and they took great care in selecting things that would give their home a semblance of what might have been there. The music room is the latest project Ted and Jennifer have worked Are you looking for QUICK and HEALTHY meal ideas? The Hy-Vee Simple Fix Class Is PERFECT For You! Why Simple Fix: Hy-Vee provides the recipes and does the shopping, prep, and clean-up for you! All you do is measure ingredients, put them in a freezer bag or baking tin! What You Get: 4 great tasting meals that will feed 4-6 people per meal. Cost: You get all 4 meals for just $75. When: Last Saturday of the month. Contact dietian Elizabeth at 665-3412 or email evolzke@hy-vee.com with questions or to sign up. 2100 Broadway, Yankton 12vHERVOICEvMAY/JUNE 2017 Save TIME and MONEY with this great class!

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