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vHOPE continued from page 19 Team HOPE involves more than the energetic sister-like duo. Also involved are Karen’s husband Dave, Jen’s husband Brad, Julie and Rich Fischer of Lesterville, Karen and Kevin Frangenberg of Lesterville and several more that offer up their time when it works for them. They have helped with some larger benefits not only for people affected by cancer. Last year they helped plan two benefits, one for someone with a traumatic brain injury and one for a woman in need of a kidney transplant but was unable to have it until she had cash up front. They support people not only affected by cancer but also other illnesses and various tragedies such as suicide and fire. The big-hearted group is not selective on those they help and do not turn people away. Aside from assistance with fundraisers, Team HOPE has been able to provide those in need with Hy-Vee food cards, funds for traveling expenses, funds for medication not covered by insurance and assistance with delinquent utility bills, a big expense from not working during an illness. They send cards and letters of encouragement to people who are ill and gift cards to children. Edler takes care packages to the Chemo center and has delivered flowers to each of the patients and their loved ones. The responses she receives keep her momentum strong. “A couple days later the wife of one of the patients had caught me in the grocery store and told me thank you, that the flowers and hug I gave her was just what she needed that day. Her husband had been very sick that day and had actually passed away shortly after,” she explains. “These are just small gestures, but are so humbling to the ones that have gone through the overwhelming sickness and pain that cancer brings. It doesn’t take it away, but it truly gives a sense of comfort to know that people care.” A Generous Community Edler was surprised at the support from the community and how people pull together for the benefits, even when they might not know each other. Carda adds that no matter the size of the fundraiser, everyone who comes always has a great time and makes new friends. Team HOPE now has regular supporters from out of town, even as far away as Arizona. Though the benefits are a lot of work for the duo who manage to balance this along with full-time jobs and a family, Team HOPE has impressive goals. Carda smiles and said, “It doesn’t matter how many minutes are in a day as long as you can feel good when you go to bed,” her words genuine and heartfelt. This amazing team hopes to gain size and volume by adding more volunteers and including sponsors to touch more lives. Though Edler explains that the community has so many generous people that ask what they can do to help, some benefits are so large that they cannot get enough help. One of their biggest challenges is raising enough money to help everyone, they receive new names every week of those needing assistance. The team is extremely grateful for all those willing to help make each event a success. Getting Involved Edler is proud to be a part of the Yankton community, stating “The support that we receive from here and the surrounding area just amazes me. Even when times are tough, people will come out to support others in need. The outpouring of support goes without saying. Around here you don’t have to know someone to help someone. That’s just what we do.” She explains, “There are so many individuals, young and old, fighting hard against this horrific disease. Some fight so terribly hard, but sadly lose the strength to continue. Team HOPE is dedicated to all those that have lost their fight against cancer and those that just won’t let cancer win! We are a non-profit organization, and our mission is to assist and support individuals and families in the local communities that are affected by cancer. I want to support so many more people this year.” She would love to have more businesses become sponsors of Team HOPE, to be able to help more people in need. If you would like to help Team HOPE fulfill its mission and continue to provide to the families of this community, you may make a donation to the Team HOPE Cancer Benefit fund set up at the Services Center Credit Union, 609 W. 21st St., Yankton, SD 57078. Donations can also be sent to Karen Edler, 3018 N. Francis St., Yankton, SD 57078. If you want to donate in honor of someone specific, please give their name and contact information. Karen can also be contacted at teamhoperocks@ yahoo.com or on Facebook as “Team HOPE-Karen Kubal Edler.” vBy Julie Eickhoff The SIMPLICITY of Cremation People choose cremation for different reasons; some people feel it’s a meaningful, yet simpler tribute. Whatever your reasons, we’d like you to know that cremation is something we specialize in. No matter how simple a ceremony you’re looking for we’ll make sure that it’s personal and carried out in a dignified manner. Kevin Opsahl Alex Opsahl 22vHERVOICEvMAY/JUNE 2017 Tami Keller Guiding and serving families with compassion and trust. Funeral Home & Crematory, Yankton Memorial Resource Center, Tyndall Memorial Chapels, Tabor, Menno & Tyndall 665-9679 • 1-800-495-9679 www.opsahl-kostelfuneralhome.com

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