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Real Faces.inReal Voices. Real Women HealtHcaRe. i am a registered respiratory therapist who works with a team to provide pulmonary function tests, education, and treatment for patients ranging from pediatrics to adults with respiratory issues. What do you enjoy most about your job, and what do you enjoy most about working for the clinic? one of my favorite aspects of respiratory therapy is the diverse group of patients i get to work with on a daily basis. each patient is unique so i am constantly learning something new. one of the best parts of working for YMC specifically is the wide variety of specialties that are available to patients and all the testing and treatments that come along with these specialties. seeing the look of relief on patients’ faces when we tell them that their needs can be met that day rather than having to wait for another appointment is rewarding. If you were encouraging someone else to come and work at the clinic what is it that you would focus on or say? Being a part of the YMC team means working with a group of physicians, nurses, allied health professionals and staff who are talented, compassionate, and truly dedicated to their patients, as well as their coworkers. i feel fortunate to be a part of that team. Linda Reese R R T, Y M C R e s p i R aTo R Y T h e R a p i s T 3 Years of service So much care, so close to home. ®

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