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on. The room right off the dining room has been renovated and turned into their music room. Other projects that they have finished are adding the crown moldings, redoing the tin ceilings, and modernizing their kitchen. All of these projects were done with careful consideration of what had been there before. “Although we love old things, we are not afraid to add a contemporary picture.” The fireplace in the living room and the staircase are original to the house. The floors are at least 100 years old but they don’t believe they are original. The windows are also original. You can’t see from the outside, but there is a curve at the top of the window. The curve meant wealth as it was harder to cut a curve than a typical 90-degree angle. Ted credits Jennifer for a lot of the design of their renovations. Many times the pair would go to the library, and now the internet, to figure out plaster techniques, plumbing, crown moldings, etc. They also credit their neighbor who lives next door and enjoys working on old homes. Last year they took out the ash pit. An ash pit is where they would haul coals and ashes. When they cleaned that out they found bottles, dishes, and even shoes. They have a few bottles on display in their dining room. Outside of the projects in the home, they enjoy scouring rummages sales, architectural junk stores, and auctions for new pieces to add. They are looking for a new chandelier for their dining room. “Our neighbors have joked that we all live in the ‘hysterical homes.’ You work and work on your house until you die or you give up. There is some truth in that with older homes. No corner is ever quite square and many times replacement parts that usually work in homes do not work in older homes. But the greatest time in an older home is Christmas as that is the time we really have fun.” vBy Brandi Bue Photos by Kathy Pritchard TRANSFORM YOUR HABITAT • BRING NATURE HOME NATURESCAPING DESIGNS ( LANDSCAPING | PROPERTY CARE | HOLIDAY DECORATING ) CALL US TODAY NATURESCAPINGDESIGNS.COM LAURAWNSD@GMAIL.COM 605.661.1205 HERVOICEvMAY/JUNE 2017v13

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