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vSCIENCE continued from page 11 A sculpture in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and what is going on. Everybody wants to learn about the rest of the universe.” The quest is not new. Davis and Bachall were two scientists in the early days of the Sanford underground lab, Schild explained. They were involved with the dark matter and neutrino experiments. Neutrinos are part of the theory explaining the world we can’t see or touch, Schild said. An atom consists of protons, elections and neutrons. For comparison, a neutrino is 10 times smaller than an electron. And that explains the importance of using the former Homestake Gold Mine for research, Schild said. “The deep underground lab has almost a mile of crust above it. It’s deep enough that all the neutrinos are blocked from the outside. Some neutrinos come from the sun and some come from elsewhere. They pass through everything. It’s rare they interact with actual matter,” she said. “With dark matter, you don’t want neutrinos to come through. Deep underground, the neutrinos can’t penetrate and they can conduct sensitive experiments about dark matter.” As part of their Midwest tours, the group visited 3M in Brookings and the MISCO plant in Minneapolis that produces high tech speakers specially created for private orders. A “The Bubble Detector,” decommissioned and now a sculpture at Fermilab The Windy City The Davis-Bahcall Scholars headed to the University of Chicago, where they spoke with a geologist about why the Leaning Tower of Pisa —well, leans. The Scholars by The Bean in Chicago vSCIENCE continued on page 13 The main building at Fermilab Our Holiday Best ~ To Make Your Holidays Bright! • Exterior, Professional Holiday Lighting • Installation, Take Down, Storage • Commercial & Residential • FREE Estimates NATURESCAPING DESIGNS ( L A N D S C A P I N G | P R O P E R T Y C A R E | H O L I DAY D E C O R AT I N G ) CALL US TODAY 605.661.1205 • NATURESCAPINGDESIGNS.COM • LAURAWNSD@GMAIL.COM 12vHERVOICEvSEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2018

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