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vSERVICE continued from page 5 so Angi would frequently record herself reading stories for Jaicia on videotapes and sent them back to her mother in South Dakota. For her daughter’s second birthday party, she sent home a big box of presents, and her family videotaped the toddler opening them, so Angi wouldn’t miss special moments. It was during this crucial time away from her child that Angi finally decided not to reenlist. “I didn’t want to miss anything else, I was so happy to be stateside and could call home regularly. I was so very lucky. When re-enlistment time came around again, I thought if I played roulette again, I might not get so lucky.” Looking back on her time in the military, she thinks she would have volunteered to go on tours overseas, and loved to have travelled more. “If I were still single, and without children, I know I would’ve stayed in the military longer.” While still in the reserves, Angi started cosmetology school at Black Hills Beauty College in Sioux Falls in 2006, when she was 25. Unfortunately she was set back due to a broken finger on her cutting hand, and had to take a break. She praises her husband for his encouragement in getting her back to school and completing the program. He told her, “I have enough money put away I can support us for a year, you don’t have to work and can go back and focus on school. He carried the family, and allowed me my beauty school dream.” She resumed school and graduated in 2011. It was money from her GI bill that paid for her trade. When asked if she prefers haircuts to color, or perms to styling she quickly responds, “I don’t have any preferences, I like to do everything. It’s something different every day. That’s why I like it so much.” For a period of time she worked at the manufacturing company, Vishay, doing hand winding. While she liked the company and her co-workers there, the job was pretty tedious. “Everyone around me had their headphones on, and were in their own world. I’m a talker, I like to talk a lot, and I need interactions with people! I don’t like to sit for eight hours, just doing the same old thing by myself.” The only popular fad that she doesn’t really like so much, is the trend of bleaching hair in attempts to color it intentionally silver, “because it’s so damaging, and hard on the hair, unless the person is already a really light blonde which is easier to do. Most women want to cover their gray!” What Is a Hernia? A hernia occurs when an organ or fatty tissue squeezes through a weak spot in a surrounding muscle or connective tissue called fascia. The most common types are inguinal (inner groin), incisional (resulting from an incision), femoral (outer groin), umbilical (belly button), and ventral (upper stomach). Angi gained experience working in the Walmart SmartStyle Hair Salon for the first five years after completing cosmetology school, before moving to the Simply Elegant Salon where she has her own private room. Simply Elegant Salon is located with other businesses at 231 Broadway, in Yankton. According to Angi, one great thing about having a career as a beautician is that “You can’t be outsourced ever. They can’t ever send your job to India or where ever. You can’t be replaced by a robot. They will never be able to do what I do. Even if there is a recession people always get haircuts. They may not get the luxury services like mini-facials, or hair colors, but they’ll still get their hair cut.” Both of Angi’s daughters, Jaicia, aged seventeen, and Jocelyn, aged nine, are very interested in a future doing hair. When asked what lifelong tenets were instilled while in the military, Angi immediately lists, “Being disciplined, staying on time, having personal integrity, and doing your best,” She utilizes these attributes every day with her customers. If someone asked her to do something with their hair that she knew wasn’t realistic or would be potentially damaging, she would speak up and explain to them why she wouldn’t recommend it, and offer other possibilities instead. She credits her ability to be a successful businesswoman with the military values and leadership skills she acquired during her career. Being in the Army gave her the mindset that made it possible for her to consider bettering herself and going on to a trade school. One of the Army’s core values is “Selfless Service”. This is practiced regularly in the three or four free haircuts per month, Angi offers for Yankton people, at Pathways shelter for the homeless. Even though she’s no longer in the military Angi still loves helping others, and playing with her chemicals. n What Causes Hernias? Hernias are caused by a combination of pressure and an opening or weakness of muscle or fascia. The pressure pushes an organ or tissue through the opening or weak spot. 1. What are Hernia Symptoms? Symptoms may include: bulge on or near your abdomen, abdominal pain, or groin pain, bloating, constipation, nausea, and vomiting. A physical exam is often enough to diagnose a hernia. Most hernias require surgical repair. 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