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vHIS EATS continued from page 21 Good Food, Good Times For the Huffs, food is more than nutrition or satisfying hunger. For them, food is about sharing, love and friendship. “This goes back to the Bible. How many times does the Bible talk about food, meals, bread? In fact, it goes back even earlier, to Greek and Roman times,” Steve said. “And you find the same thing in politics. We need to go back to the way it used to be done. Let’s get rid of the electronics and let’s have a meal where we talk together and communicate. We share each other’s company and joy. People put down their differences and say, ‘We can deal with it. Together, we can work out all of the challenges.’” Food can provide a bonding experience in the kitchen or at the grill, Steve said. “For Tracy and me, one of the best ways to unwind is to cook,” he said. “We start talking about things we never thought about before, but it relieves your stress when you bring it up.” Food also brings comfort, Steve said. He told stories of how good food can bring back great thoughts even for those struggling with memory loss. The good times associated with the sights, smells and tastes of good food in turn strike a chord with everyone. his 8 March/April 201 voice “We had one Thanksgiving meal where the family demanded that I do it without anything traditional, not one thing,” he said. “I thought, ‘OK, I’m up for the challenge,’ and we did it.” Whether it’s a benefit for a good cause or just time with family and friends, the Huffs want to maintain their reputation for a first-class experience. “When they go with Steve and Tracy, they know they’re going full bore,” he added with a laugh. n Got Inspiration? We would love to hear about who and what inspires you. Do you know someone that should be featured in hervoice or hisvoice? Submit to: hervoiceonline.com January/Fe bruary 20 18 her voice

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