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Woksape interested in it. “We have a journalism class, it’s only taught first semester… “It’s so good to see you!” I say part of their grade is to as I am met by Pat Kortan and Jill submit stories to the Mikkelsen at the front doors of Woksape and it’s always Yankton High School. They greet our hope that they stay on me with wide smiles and hugs as we for the rest of the school discuss where the interview should year, because [once the take place. I speak with them journalism class is over] casually as we walk down the halls, it’s all extracurricular decorated with high school awards from there.” This year will and one particular decoration that be Mikkelsen’s third year stands out to me- a wooden palette Left Jill Mikkelsen, right Pat Kortan of teaching the class, with painted as if it were an American Kortan having taught it the year before that. flag, but proudly sporting the Yankton Bucks as the stars on the vivid I ask them how they feel about watching the students work on the blue background. paper, and both of their faces light up. “They get so excited…they’re We step into the room they’ve picked for the interview- a room like ‘how about this for a story?!’… …they really take the initiative and where much of the business of afterschool activities take place such as so that’s really exciting to see,” says Kortan. the Yearbook, and sure enough, the Woksape. Already I can see their “You just feel really good about it because the kids we surround passion for these activities and the work they do with the students. ourselves with are genuinely interested in what’s going on today in our I know firsthand how much work they put into it, being a former community… …and it’s a really wonderful experience,” Mikkelsen student of Mikkelsen and having worked with Kortan on “Cellar adds. “Every time we finish a work session we just look at each other Door”. and go ‘oh my gosh these kids are so great!’” Once we’ve sat down, Mikkelsen explains how they take the extra They then tell me about how they plan each edition of the mile to provide writing opportunities to students who are genuinely vBy Rachel Wood Thank you to these Missouri Valley Christian Academy supporters who are helping us prepare students for a lifetime of learning, leading and service! HUBBS AGENCY, INC. “The Crop Insurance Specialists” 305 W. 25th, Yankton • 605-665-4470 www.MVCAmustangs.org 20vHERVOICEvSEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2018

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