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26vHISVOICEvSEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2018 image of life and death intertwining. There are rusted hinges with peeling paint on building doors and even the enormous nuts and bolts at the base of the giant pulley system are picture worthy. It’s an explosion of color with the lift chairs, poles, gears and pulley’s alternating with red, turquoise blue and lime green. Like many times before from other locations we have been we discuss how sad it is to see, the magnitude of what is before us left to rot, to be reclaimed by Mother Nature. We have strolled for hours capturing images and are deep in the thick trees of Evergreen and Cottonwood to get one last shot down the hill displaying the lift chairs, when there is a loud sound that came from behind where Ryan was standing. We could feel the vibration on the ground below our feet of something very large hitting the ground. Ryan says that Bigfoot had just tried to throw a boulder at us and it was time to go. I went to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota for second opinions that summer with my condition. After undergoing more testing they dismissed the diagnosis from Sioux Falls, but could never tell me what I had and it eventually went away over time. I have never suffered another episode all these years later. I believe there is healing in nature, physically, mentally, and spiritually. No matter what struggles in life you are going through, if you can take the time to escape outdoors, you will clear your mind, heal your soul, relax and release the tension from your body. Even the smallest beauty exists in nature but is often over looked, you just need to open your eyes, focus and see. n

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