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Diabetes Alert Dog Lori Dennison’s youngest son Benjamin was born facing numerous medical issues. Dennison knew she needed to rely on the expertise of healthcare professionals to help him. It wasn’t long before she discovered that help would also come in the form of the family’s pet cat. This realization led to the lifechanging addition of Johnnie, a diabetes alert dog who has been by Benjamin’s side for nearly his entire life. Dennison lives in rural Richland, not far from Elk Point. She and her husband, Glenn, were already parents to two boys – Will, now 17, and Isaac, now 16, when Benjamin was born 10 years ago. Benji, as he is often referred to, has faced a daunting medical diagnosis since birth: congenital hyperinsulinism (which causes abnormally high insulin levels and frequent bouts with low blood sugar), insulin dependent diabetes, intestinal failure and kidney disease. It was during those first days – and long nights – that Dennison’s cat exhibited a connection with Benji that no one in the family expected. “When Benji came home from the hospital, we had a cat named Holly who would come to wake us whenever Benji was doing poorly during the night,” said Dennison. “She seemed to have an ability to tell when he was not feeling well. She was particularly nurturing toward him (but) didn’t really care for the other children.” Before this, Holly was essentially a barn cat who moved indoors after the family discovered she was declawed. Sadly, Holly died Don’t let your parents go another year without hearing! We’re H“ear” For You! EAR, NOSE & THROAT ASSOCIATES, P.C. 2525 Fox Run Parkway, Suite 101, Yankton 605-665-0062 • 1-866-665-0062 • www.entyankton.com 20vHERVOICEvJANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018 Now, more than ever, there is no reason for your parents not to hear all the conversations and activities around them. At Ear, Nose & Throat Associates, P.C. we offer a wide range of hearing products and specialize in helping your parents find the perfect one for them! With our extensive hearing testing capabilities, and our expert audiologists and otolaryngologists, you can rest assured your parents are getting the help they need. Call to arrange a consultation today, David J. Abbott, M.D. Board Certified Otolaryngologist Micah M. Likness, M.D. Board Certified Otolaryngologist Jackie Logue, CNP Beth J. Beeman Au. D, CCC-A 605-665-0062 Todd A. Farnham Au. D, CCC-A

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