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Tielke Experiences Life in China Many people dream of visiting another country and some dream of living in one. Young Taylor Tielke experienced the dream of living abroad when he resided in China for more than two years, recently returning home in the summer of 2017. The son of Chuck & Terri Tielke, Taylor and his two older brothers grew up in Yankton. After he graduated from Yankton High School, he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, History and Global Studies from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota. He is currently attending the University of San Diego, California to obtain his Master’s degree in International Affairs. Considering the Options During his junior/senior year at Concordia, Tielke contemplated his future after college. He considered joining the workforce or applying to work toward a PhD in Political Science. Deciding a good step for him was to experience volunteering abroad, he applied for the Peace Corps. Volunteering wasn’t new to the Eagle Scout. He volunteered often with the Boy Scouts and was active in the community. He recalls a previous soccer coach, Dr. Nancy Saunders, getting him involved in volunteering. At a soccer practice when he was a pre-teen, Dr. Saunders asked for volunteers to help play TOP Soccer (The Outreach Program for Soccer) where youth soccer volunteers help children with barriers play sports. That sparked him to volunteer and mentor throughout his life. Knowing he wanted to do something in International Affairs or Political Science, he viewed the Peace Corps opportunity as a test of whether he wanted to teach at the cultural or university level. He was accepted into the Peace Corps and was selected to travel to China to be an English teacher. The ambitious young man explained the Peace Corps process to me. After applying for the Peace Corps, participants are selected and given an assignment that they can accept or reject. The average time Reliable Warmth... All Winter Long Let Kaiser Heating & Cooling take care of your heating needs! Chris Frick • Doug Dykstra 16vHISVOICEvJANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018 www.kaiserheatingandcooling.com 808 W. 23rd, Yankton 605.665.2895

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