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vHIS EATS continued from page 3 “All of these items are affordable and available locally,” he advises. “You can get all of these items at Hy-Vee (supermarket), but you may need to look for certain sections or shelves. As for the meat, I like to get mine from Steiner’s Locker (in Yankton).” Meat needn’t be served naked, Huff says. He offers suggestions such as scallions and bleu cheese. With his oven full of other food, Huff takes his steak to the back yard for grilling. The grill’s warmth and smoke provide a great feeling on a chilly evening. Ever prepared, he owns more than one grill. A second grill comes in handy, as the original fire goes out and Huff switches to his second grill as a fallback plan. Huff returns to the kitchen and checks on the work under way in the oven. “Come here, baby!” he says as he pulls the food out for a look. The sight pleases him tremendously. “Oh, this is wonderful! You’re looking marvelous!” he responds. Huff ’s wife, Tracy, arrives on the scene. At first, she joins out of curiosity. Then, she checks out the food and becomes an official sampler. She quickly nods and expresses her approval. “This is really good! This is some of the best food that you’ve made,” she tells her husband. Huff exits the kitchen to check the steak, making brief stops in the family room to watch the National Football League (NFL) game on television. He returns with a beautifully finished plate of steak. “You have got to try this!” he said, cutting off a piece of meat for the reporter. The steak just melts in the mouth. Much of Huff ’s work from the grill never makes it atop the nachos. The Right Ingredients For Huff, any successful meal starts with quality food. He provides a checklist of his preferences for each ingredient. “For the nachos, I like the flat iron steaks because they cook quickly,” he said. “We’re going to give the steaks a Canadian rub with garlic and black pepper. The rub makes it zesty.” Huff serves up a platter of nachos with a different meat while waiting for the steak to finish grilling. “I use andouille sausage,” he says, referring to a smoked pork sausage often used in Cajun dishes. The meat receives loving attention, but Huff advises against skimping on the chips. Whatever is chosen, the chips provide more than a crunchy bed for the toppings. “Any type of chips, like Tostitos, will do, but I like the white and blue corn,” he says. “I particularly like the blue corn. It’s lower in salt and provides a dark color for the background of the nachos.” Huff points to the bed of blue chips topped with food of contrasting bright colors, pleasing to the eye as well as the palate. When it comes to cheeses, Huff likes the varieties made at the Dimock dairy plant. Dimock, a town of about 125 residents located between Parkston and Mitchell, is well known for its cheeses, which are found in most groceries. “I like to purchase locally-made products, like the Dimock cheese,” he said. “I also think the cheese is richer. I like buying a brick of black pepper cheese.” Huff continues his work on the pizza. He coats the flatbread with BEEF...It’s What’s For Dinner! Steaks... •New York Strip •Ribeye •Sirloin •Mega Sirloin Burgers... •1/2 Lb. “Create Your Own”or choose from one of JoDean’s Creations •Destroyer •Kluck Burger •Baconator Burger •Boom-Boom Burger ince 1971 y Owned S Famil 2809 Broadway Ave., Yankton, SD • 605-665-9884 • 11:00AM to 9:00PM • Open Sundays at 10:30AM 4vHISVOICEvJANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018

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