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Ultimate Fan Olson Talks Tailgating Game, Plethora Of Teams P.R. Olson of Olson Pest Technicians is one of the few people who can say they own an ambulance. But Olson doesn’t use it to transport patients or as a mere advertising gimmick — Olson has turned it into the “Fanbulance” and it can regularly be seen at Yankton High School sporting events sporting pro-Bucks decals and a grill. Recently, Olson sat down with the Press & Dakotan to talk about a number of topics including his love of tailgating, growing up with Nebraska football, being a Green Bay Packers stockholder and hosting a “meat open house” at a NASCAR race. The Fanbulance For a decade, Olson has been a tailgating mainstay at Yankton Bucks football games. “One year, I decided, ‘I’m going to go barbecue some hot dogs down at Crane-Youngworth,’” he said. “I had an old 1972 Winnebago. I got it and it was piece — about all it was good for was tailgating.” He added that it proved to be a bit of a challenge at first. “We had to get the grill in there, so I got in and lifted the grill in from my end and my wife lifted in from the other end and we were in,” he said. “When we got to the football field, I had to have somebody come and help me get the grill out before I could even get out.” After a couple of years in the Winnebago, Olson got an upgrade — both ride-wise and grillwise. “Then I got the Fanbulance,” he said. “It came off one of the Indian reservations. My dad got it for me. He goes, ‘This would be pretty good for tailgating out of.’ It’s worked out real well. … Then the Optimists Club — my wife’s an Optimist and she says, ‘’Hey, they’re getting rid of this grill.’ I looked at the grill and it’s got a hitch on it, so I can just pull it behind.” Olson hasn’t relegated the Fanbulance only to Bucks football, and has also taken it to other events including Yankton soccer, the Sturgis motorcycle rally and others. One time, Olson brought the Fanbulance to his son’s baseball tournament in Luverne, Minnesota, where it garnered the praise of former University of South Dakota football coach Ed Meierkort. “His son was playing in this baseball tournament and he complimented me on my tailgate unit,” he said. “Coming from a bigger football coach, I’m going to take that as a pretty good compliment.” 6vHISVOICEvJANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018

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