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much easier. She has learned even more techniques over the years from attending various classes and also others in her department as they are new graduates of graphic design. Pritchard took on additional roles when her production manager retired. His position, which oversaw the pressman and the composing department, was split into two separate roles. Kathy filled one position and became composing manager, in charge of the graphic artists. She and two other ladies handle all the different publications including the Missouri Valley Shopper, The Broadcaster, Plain Talk, the Press & Dakotan and Her Voice/His Voice magazine just to name a few. She enjoys the variety in her work with the mix of magazines, newspapers, business cards and flyers. A deadline-driven role, she finds that meeting deadlines is most challenging and describes the most crucial attributes to have are organization and prioritization. She’s discovered that her work family is what makes her job so rewarding. “Everybody here is my second family,” she beams. She enjoys attending music concerts with her husband in her spare time. Not always having been a concert enthusiast, or even a fan of current country music, she had attended only one concert prior to their courtship, seeing Styx perform at the Sioux Empire Fair with her daughter. She soon caught his passion for attending the music events and the two of them have traveled to see many artists perform, including Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line just to name a few. Having attended several spectacular events, she has a hard time picking a favorite, but puts Garth Brooks and Luke Bryan at the top of her list. She also enjoys riding motorcycle with Elvin. They impulsively purchased a Harley Davidson a few years ago when Elvin spotted a great deal on the bike, though she didn’t see much use for it at the time. “What do you want a motorcycle for?” She explains her initial reaction. “We’re never going to use it. It’s just going to sit there and be a waste of money.” She laughs about how wrong she was. “Oh yeah, we go out all the time,” she grins. They travel often around the area on their bike with friends and spent some time riding through the beautiful, scenic routes in Black Hills, South Dakota with her son last fall. “I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I do.” She laughs as she explains that she’s usually the one that suggests they venture out for a ride. She appreciates nature’s beauty in this area and often spends time on their boat and four-wheeler, taking advantage of Yankton’s features. “I like being on the river and the lake. I think when you’ve been in one place for so long, it’s hard to move away from it,” she reflects. Thirty years in her profession has taught her patience, organization and prioritization. She and her co-workers use various tactics to add fun into their day, doing the ‘copier dance’ together and playing pranks on each other. She laughs, recalling some of the previous pranks she’s been involved in. “It’s been a fun place to work. Even when we’re busy getting things done, we still have our fun times.” Pritchard has set her sights on someday winning Publisher’s Clearing House and volunteering for flower deliveries at the hospital. When you’re this busy, you need to assure that you’re organized enough to allow yourself to have some fun. Her smile, upbeat personality and fun-loving nature prove that she has certainly accomplished this! vBy Julie Eickhoff The Flu Can Still Get You. Vaccinate Today! It’s not too late to vaccinate. Did you know that while flu season can begin as early as October, influenza activity typically peaks in January or later? Get your flu shot today, and protect SA yourself all season. UEL VER F Get Your Flu Shot With Us And Receive 20¢ Fuel Saver offer available to all customers. No insurance exclusions. Limit 1 offer per customer. *With Hy-Vee Fuel Saver™ Card. See store for details. Fuel savings are limited to 20 gallons per vehicle. Immunization Headquarters See pharmacy for details. All Medicare Parts B and D accepted. • ZOSTAVAX®: Shingles Vaccine No prescription necessary if 60 years or older. • TDap (Diptheria, Tetanus, Pertussis) No prescription necessary if 18 years or older. • Prevnar13-Pneumonia • Pneumovax23-Pneumonia No prescription necessary if 65 years or older. • FLU/INFLUENZA Adult or Children 6 years or older. • HIGH DOSE FLU/INFLUENZA Recommended for 65 years or older. Pharmacy 2100 Broadway, Yankton • 665-8261 Your Pharmacy of Choice! HERVOICEvJANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018v11

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