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A Voice Links Cultures Together vBy Julie Eickhoff Truly a voice for someone, Michele Huber plays a crucial role in the deaf community, using her talent in Sign Language to help them communicate freely with others. Huber’s interest in the field started during high school. In swing choir, her teacher asked if she would like to do the signing for one of the songs. It turns out that the opportunity sparked her interest in the field. “I liked it. Then I thought, ‘Well, let me test the waters here a little bit.’ I started winning awards in competitions.” Though she first was planning to attend Northern State University in Aberdeen to major in Music, on a whim she decided to attend the American Sign Language Interpretation Program at Southeast Technical Institute in Sioux Falls. “And then I found out I was signing everything wrong!” Her laugh contagious; I couldn’t help but laugh with her. She explains though some of the signs were right, not everything was signed the correct way. The challenging program required the students to take sign classes for several weeks before being considered. The course was rigorous, and Huber was one of six students out of a starting class of 32 to complete the program. The field now requires four years of schooling to obtain the degree. After graduation, Huber spent time in Hartington, NE and Osmond, NE as an interpreter in their schools, then came to the Yankton School District for a few years to interpret for a couple of students. When those students moved, she didn’t have anyone to interpret for and went to work under the State of South Dakota in Vocational Rehabilitation Services. Michele teaches sign language to the class. Prescriptions Filled. Expectations Exceeded. We go the extra mile to ensure you receive the friendly service, fair prices and pharmacy expertise you deserve for your entire family. Michelle Lamberty, R.Ph. We can help make taking your medications easier by synchronizing your refills so you can make less visits to the pharmacy. We offer free in-town delivery. Visit our website at www.rogersfamilypharmacy.com or sign up for our convenient mobile app and you can simplify your life by refilling or transferring your prescriptions to us online. 218 W. 4th Street, Yankton, SD • 605.665.8042 • www.rogersfamilypharmacy.com 4vHERVOICEvJANUARY/FEBRUARY 2020

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