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Steve used a smoker, which he said gave the same outcome as an oven. He sought to “crisp up” the birds but advises against placing the birds directly on the rack. “You can put (the game hens) in some kind of dish, but don’t leave them on the racks, as they will stick,” he said. While he generally follows a set time, Steve relies on touch as the true determination of when a particular meat has reached perfection. “You reach a point when you know it’s done, depending on your meat. With flat irons, you know; with other steak, you know; with chicken, you know,” he said. “If you really get resistance, then you know you cooked it wrong.” What’s The Difference? added. “We’ve been doing this (basting) for a number of years,” she said. “The first time we tried it, the game hens had so much more flavor than the turkey or even chicken. It’s very moist, and that’s the beauty of basting.” When it comes to the grill, what type to use? It does make a difference, especially for the amount of pellets used in the process, the Huffs said. “We used the Louisiana for this one (meal). It puts off more heat and uses (a lot more) more pellets,” Steve said. “For the Traeger, they sell the pellets in 20-pound bags. For the Louisiana, they sell 40-pound bags. It drinks that much more, that fast.” While some people may consider game hens a luxury, the Huffs point out it can be quite economical compared to some alternatives. “We got these four birds in that pan for $19,” Steve said. Tracy looked at it two different ways. “If you go out to eat, you could spend that much for one meal,” she said. “And with the game hen, you can do something spectacular while getting a lot of protein.” A Cornish game hen may look like a chicken, but the two types of poultry hold different characteristics, Steve said. “The Cornish game hen is darker and smaller than a chicken,” he said. “The dark meat is more concentrated. The white meat is lesser but very flavorful. If you like duck, you’ll like game hen.” The game hens can be produced either of two ways, Steve said. “Cornish game hens are both wild and raised. More typically, they’re raised,” he said. Firing Up The Ribs While game hens are generally tender, it’s a good idea to include With the game hens in place, Steve turned his attention to the ribs. other liquids or juices to keep things moist during the cooking process, “We’ve done St. Louis-style ribs, but these are spare ribs we have Steve said. Basting may not be necessary for game hens, but it does here tonight. We’re making four racks to go with the four game hens,” help guarantee the bird remains moist, he added. he said. “We have the little rack of ribs, and they’re long and thick. “I throw butter in the pan and a little bit of liquor. In this case, I was We need to go lower (heat) with them and give more time to them. able to find a mango brandy for $10 a bottle,” he said. “I put a little of Otherwise, the ends get tough.” that in with chicken stock to keep it moist. You can also use basting The Huffs differ on their preferences for protein sources, Steve said. sauces. Once that sauce develops in the bottom of a lifetime stress-free warranty, He’s big into ribs — Tracy, not so much. 6”x48” planks with the pan, you can keep basting.” “Tracy isn’t a big ribs eater. She’s more into fish and seafood,” he designed to coordinate with today’s décor and to stand up to all of life’s messes. The Huffs have found success with game hens and the couple’s method of preparation, Tracy said. The basting adds a juicy touch, she vHUFFS continued on page 21 ©Floor Designs Copyrighted by Mannington Mills, Inc. ®©™Mannington Mills, Inc. 2016 Adura ® LUXURY VINYL TILE | PLANK Featuring a wide array of styles, designs, and possibilities, Adura® combines the look of real wood or tile with the exceptional durability and performance of a premium luxury vinyl ?oor. Larsen Carpet Laminate | Porcelain | Resilient | Hardwood gton.com | 1.800.356.6787 Retailer Imprint 6”x48” planks with a lifetim designed to coordinate with today’s déco 208 Walnut|605.665.2067 Historic Downtown Yankton mannington.com | 1.800.356.6787 ©Floor Designs Copyrighted by Manning HERVOICEvJANUARY/FEBRUARY 2020v11 Retailer Imprint Retailer

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