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Team TwoPack vBy Brandi Bue The Ragnar Tennessee Road is a relay race that takes place in Tennessee. It is about 200 miles in distance and lasts two days and one night. It consists of two types of teams, a regular team that is made up of 12 runners or an ultra team which is made up of 6 runners. The race takes runners through the serene Tennessee countryside to the finish line for an “epic party.” But the race also starts with a pre-race party that combines music, food, and a whiskey tasting. From the pre-race party, runners line up on the “famous start line” which is on the banks of the Tennessee River in Coolidge Park which is Chattanooga. The race leads the runners northwest into the countryside during peak leaf season where they run along horse pastures and historic estates. As the teams run, there are live bands playing along the course and delicious BBQ to chow down on. Runners can run, dance, and eat as they go. And Ragnar doesn’t end with the sun going down. The path is lit with vans, illuminated runners, and the stars overhead. The finish line is in downtown Nashville with city skyline views as the runners run along the Cumberland River Greenway to the finish line party. Team TwoPack, who won in the open regular women division with a time of 32:03:05, are a group of women from the area who ran this race in November 2019. Their time was 18:32 faster than the second place. Molly Branaugh was the team captain, who according to Renae Brooks is “one of the most kind and genuinely nice people I know. And she did so much work to organize our team and make this a wonderful experience for everyone.” A few other members were Katie Feimer, Erica Garvey, Renae Brooks, Steph Camp, Allison Anderson, Whitney Delforge, Annie Lancaster, Laurie Muller, Bobbi Karberg, Melissa Riechers, and Amber Ness. Her Voice was able to speak to a few members of the team to learn of their experience. The first Ragnar race Team TwoPack raced in was in California in April of 2019. The team had such an “amazing experience” that 7 of those 12 decided to start planning Tennessee a few weeks after getting home from the first race. Luckily, they were able to find an additional 5 ladies to join the team headed for Tennessee. Each lady in the team ran 3 separate times as the overall race is broken into 36 different legs. Concerning the different legs, Steph Camp said, “my motto is go big or stay home.” They started around 8am on Friday and finished around 4pm on Saturday afternoon after running continuously, yes even through the night. Molly Branaugh ran her legs around 3pm on Friday, 2am on Saturday, and around noon on Saturday. There are two vans that follow with 6 each in a van. “Although a Ragnar

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