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vHUFFS continued from page 21 arrangement of tri-colored carrots. She washes and cuts up the carrots, then puts them on a cookie sheet for roasting. Tracy will use olive oil and a small amount of pepper or a tableblend seasoning for the vegetables. “You pop it in the oven at 350 degrees,” she said. “I check on them when they’re close to half done. I like golden brown veggies that are grilled. I prefer them versus raw.” Don’t limit yourself in your produce choices, Tracy advised. “There’s such a wide range of veggies,” she said. “Any vegetable is good to branch out and try. You just may find you like it.” In particular, vegetables are important for good health during the stresses of cold weather and shorter days with less sunlight, Tracy said. “Don’t skimp on vegetables during the winter,” she said. “You really need them now more than ever, and you also need more Vitamin C.” Don’t be afraid to head for the freezer section of the supermarket when it comes to finding your vegetables, Tracy said. “I think, during this time of year, it’s OK to use a little bit of cheats. The frozen veggies are highly underrated, and they’re really good for you,” she said. “I use a lot of frozen vegetables in stir fry. Frozen vegetables aren’t bad for you at all.” Vegetables don’t need to be side dishes during a larger meal, Tracy said. They provide a great stand-alone meal or snack unto themselves. “I did some things with frozen veggies. I steamed them and then I popped them in the oven at 350 degrees so they became a nice, golden brown,” she said. “I made a large batch so I could take them to work the next day, and Steve could enjoy them for a healthy meal. I plan ahead, and it works pretty well. If you just warm them up, you can have leftover (grilled) veggies.” If served without cheese or other coverings, the true taste of vegetables comes through, Steve said. “We want people to be healthy and not feel they are overcrowded with heavy sauces,” he said. “Everyone may already feel heavy with a full meal, desserts and drinks.” Sharing Good Times Speaking of drinks, what libation goes with this menu? Tracy likes wine, and she noted selections from Sean Minor Wines, particularly the chardonnay and pinot noir. Steve recommended a port or cognac. Good food is meant to be shared, and the Huffs set aside a rack of ribs for delivery to friends. In a bit of good timing, a group of friends stopped by the house and joined us after they had attended a game. The Huffs went into hospitality mode, offering up the evening’s fare for their visitors. “The ribs are stupid, and they are outrageous,” Steve said, preparing his guests for an over-the-top culinary experience. The guests agreed the ribs were spot-on in several ways. The offerings were juicy without being greasy, while also providing a zip for the palate without being overpowering. The newcomers found the ribs filling as a meal without the broccoli slaw and grilled vegetables. The evening continued with great food, drink and laughter. “It’s all about sharing good times with others,” Steve said. “That’s what makes it all so special.” n Happy New Year from all of us at... her voice

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