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After working on this book, Maxine whose roots are in Bon Homme County started work on preserving the history of prairie churches of Bon Homme County. She focused on history and heritage in this book and wanted to save as much information as she could as a lot of it was being lost due to churches moving or crumbling. “It seemed like the right thing to do,” she tells me. Roots in Dakota Soil - Prairie Cemeteries of Bon Homme County was published in 2007. It is a history but also a directory of 16 abandoned and 31 established pioneer cemeteries. It also covers traditions, tombstones, epitaphs, and stories. The work that Maxine is the most proud of is her work on the book The Sioux City to Fort Randall Military Road 1856-1892, Revisited which was self-published in 2010. Maxine and a companion worked on preserving the history of the military road for a paper they presented in 1996 at the Dakota History Conference, Center for Western Studies, Augustana College. Her companion knew a lot about the military and enjoyed learning more about it so with Maxine they traced the road from Sioux City to the Fort Randall Dam. It required a lot of effort but Maxine loved every moment of it. When Maxine decided to revisit the book and then self-publish in 2010, she decided to supplement some with new photos and additional history of the trail, both as it was and how it is now. The book has photos and copy to show the history of the trail that once loosely followed the Missouri River between government supply warehouses. The book covers how the road began, how the military became involved, the evolution of the road, and after the road wasn’t used anymore. It also looks at the counties it passed through then and now. Maxine has also written some books for her family. She wrote an autobiography and then a memoir about her mom. She put together that family history for her children and family so it wasn’t lost; preserving it for them the way she preserves the history of our region for others. She also wrote a book on rural schools in Bon Homme County but this book is more strictly to Bon Homme County. After living in Yankton for 10+ years, Maxine felt like “such a Yankton person” and decided to publish a book focusing on our early pioneer churches and cemeteries. Pioneer Churches and Cemeteries of Yankton County was published in 2013. She compiled this book with 50 known pioneer rural cemeteries and offers brief histories of these churches which have mostly been abandoned. The book looks at the denominations that existed as well the different kind of cemeteries that existed. At one point, Yankton County had 45 or more churches functioning. Maxine wanted to make sure that history wasn’t lost. Maxine Schuurmans Kinsley has written several books to help people of this area keep parts of their history alive Martinus Cemetery and be able to pass them on to future generations. The books are also a big help to those who are working on genealogy. She is a very humble person who doesn’t like to have the focus on her. Her favorite part of writing is the research and learning all of this history St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Tabor that would be otherwise lost. Focusing on history that lies in this area is what is most important to Maxine; saving history and heritage before it’s lost to future generations. If there is one thing Maxine hopes people pull away from this is the Crucifix, Benedictine Cemetery, Yankton encouragement to visit local places - study heritage - learn your own heritage - and most of all, preserve the history you find. “History is informative. It reminds the reader of who we were and when. History is necessary. Because of its fleeting nature, it must be captured. History is challenging. To understand the “why” of human behavior requires thoughtful contemplation.” - Maxine Schuurmans Kinsley; Pioneer Churches and Cemeteries of Yankton County. vBy Brandi Bue Varicose veins are not always a cosmetic issue. Varicose veins and heavy, painful legs can now be treated with the Venefit Closure® procedure. •Outpatient Therapy •Minimally Invasive •Fast and Mild Recovery •Covered by Most Insurance & Medicare For your total vein care, call now... Kynan C.Trail, MD, FACS 2525 Fox Run Parkway, Suite 204, Yankton • www.yanktonsurgical.com • 605.668.9670 NO REFERRAL NECESSARY Independently Owned HERVOICEvMARCH/APRIL 2018v19

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