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vLIVING continued from page 13 His mom’s dresser still holds a hand mirror and brush along with little porcelain figurines and the bed is still made standing in the center of the room. The third bedroom is Richard’s. Grandpa and Grandma’s brass bed now stands front and center. A cuckoo clock hangs in the corner. Adorning the walls are stuffed birds; a quail, pheasants, and ducks. Brother Jim was the hunter and had given them to him. A unique collection of hats are in a pile on a stand. He has an old radio that still works, “and could even get stations from Europe,” he says. We proceed to the end of the hallway to the kitchen. Updated appliances as well but the cupboards are original, still holding all the dishes, bowls, and cups from when his parents were still alive. Richard shows me another stairwell that leads to the attic. We begin the climb upward. The attic reveals boxes upon boxes of items. More furniture, hutches, dressers, chairs, and cushions. There are baskets of stuffed animals, old sewing machines, and piles of magazines that “mom collected over all her years.” Bizarre, The Post, McCalls. vLIVING continued on page 27 14vHERVOICEvMARCH/APRIL 2018

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