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Living... In the heart of Tyndall next to the Bon Homme Courthouse stands a Greek Revival style home. Tall colonnades flank the front entrance and support a porch that spans the width of the home and a second story enclosed front porch. Upon entering through the front door a central foyer holds a grand hardwood staircase that leads to the second floor. Meet Richard Ptak, a bachelor and the third generation of Ptaks who currently owns and resides in the home. As I sit down at the dining room table to talk with Richard about the history of his family home, I am in awe of the space around me and the original furniture that lines every square inch of space. The ceilings are over 15 feet high and original paintings and family photos adorn the walls. This theme will carry on throughout the rest of the home that I will share later. Richard’s grandparents, Thomas V. and Karoline Ptak, had the home built in 1910. At the time Thomas V. owned the Lumber Yard in Tyndall and spared no expense to the building of this majestic home. Richard says, “I don’t know the man’s name but he was from Paha, Czech Republic. He built a few other homes in town as well. He would use three different sponges to hand paint the walls in the dining room, living room, and foyer. In the dining room, which looks like a border of grapes and vines was handpainted with small brushes. After he was done, the man said, “I’m leaving and going back to the Czech Republic. I don’t want to build any more houses!” Richard laughs as he recalls this story. “It had to be quite the undertaking back then to build a 2 ½ story home, with full basement and attic, he would say. His father, Thomas K. Ptak joined Richard’s grandfather in the lumberyard business in later years. He was married to Ouida Ptak and had three sons. Andre who is now 82 years old, Richard 77 years old, and Jim 75 years old. Richard says, “I was supposed to be a girl. My mom had a girl’s name already picked out. When the doctor came out to tell my father, it’s a boy; he jumped up and down, hooting and a hollering.” He begins to laugh again sharing 12vHERVOICEvMARCH/APRIL 2018

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