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Taking The Call As if on cue, the phone rang. He answered it in a quizzical tone, and it quickly became apparent he had been called by a political campaign. He agreed to take the survey, turning on the speaker phone for all in the room to share. The woman on the other end dutifully worked her way through the list of questions. Huff showed his passion for politics as well as cooking. He offered strong opinions on candidates and issues that didn’t always fit neatly into the list of offered responses. The puzzled caller repeated the question, seeking a response that would fit one of the designated answers. Huff eventually picked an option, and the process continued for several minutes. She politely thanked him for his time and patience. “No, thank you for putting up with me,” he said sincerely. He hung up and flashed a grin. “I thought you would enjoy (listening to the call),” he told the reporter/dinner guest. Enjoying A Fine Meal But then it was back to the fine dining, which was spread out on his kitchen counter. For this meal, Huff created a sauce that worked well either for dipping bread and vegetables or for pouring on the salad. When making sauces, he has used ingredients ranging from olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette to honey and mustard. “It’s a super dressing, worthy of the gods,” he said, expressing approval of the finished product. Huff believes in bringing out flavor without overpowering the meat or other main dish. He will often pair contrasting tastes, such as sweet and spicy, to give both a hot and cool kick. He used a wide range of spices and toppings in his chef ’s work: parsley, cilantro, yellow onion, blood oranges, cattleman’s rub and cayenne pepper. He also brought out mustard, sriracha, oregano and blended herbs. And of course, olive oil plays a major role in his Mediterranean dishes. “I go to a Sioux Falls store that specializes in olive oil. I walk out of there with a load of things,” he said. With so much spicy food, Huff made sure to provide drinks with a kick. He maintains a large liquor supply, and he pointed out a number of options. “In the spring, you have the Kentucky Derby. So you could enjoy anything with bourbon,” he said. “Some people like wine, so red or white would depend on the food you’re pairing it with.” The food provided a sumptuous feast, drawing quick and intense signs of approval from each diner. The lamb went quickly, followed by the ham and pork chops. The salad and veggies provided a light, refreshing taste with plenty of color and crunch. The baked bread was addictive and, while melting in your mouth, not something for the low-carb and no-carb crowd. Huff threw aside all modesty about the masterpieces before him. He had hit his mark on nearly all counts. “This is awesome. You can really taste the synergy,” he said. “The ham is A-plus. There’s nothing like it on earth. The lamb was an A-minus, and I would give the pork a B.” And in the end, good food and good people are what makes any meal special, Huff said. “You have fun things like Groundhog Day, and you have the spring holidays like St. Patrick’s Day,” he said. “But Easter is about rebirth and getting ready for summer. And the focus is on the family and the holiday itself. You enjoy and encourage each other, and you eat a delightful meal.” vBy Randy Dockendorf If your family suddenly needs surgical care, where will you turn?? You want someone to ease your fears, lessen the stress, and take the time to comfort you and your family. 2525 Fox Run Parkway, Suite 204, Yankton www.yanktonsurgical.com No referral necessary. Independently owned. Kynan C.Trail, MD, FACS Call Yankton Surgical Associates, PC today for a consultation. 605-668-9670 HISVOICEvMARCH/APRIL 2018v11

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