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vHETLAND continued from page 19 to the flag and at lunch time the Lord’s Prayer was said before eating. Chores were a responsibility not only at home but at school as well. The floors were swept, chalkboards washed down and the erasers for the chalkboards were taken outside and beaten together to get the chalk out of them. In her formidable years to attend high school she would have to board with a family in town, who were complete strangers, as the family farm was thirty miles away. It was a different era and some of the circumstances she endured as she shared her stories was not to shock me or my siblings, but to teach us to be grateful for what we had and to appreciate life. Each generation passes through childhood in their own way, with their own experiences. My own memory of my grade school years consisted of a wooden two story, boxed school house in Lesterville, SD. We had split classes – two grade levels shared the same room with one teacher. The grades were kindergarten through sixth grade. Our play ground was across the road on an open field with no fencing. We carried our bases out with us to play kickball. We had a swing set, slide, merry-go-round, see-saw and a tether ball stand. We played games such as Red Rover, tag, duck-duck-goose, red light/green light and ring around the rosy just to name a few. We also said the pledge of allegiance to the flag before class started and had duties or chores. There was flag duty where a pair of kids put the flag on the flag pole outside of the school each morning and it was taken down at the end of the day. Usually on Friday the chalkboards were washed down and the chalk erasers had to be cleaned. This was my favorite and I couldn’t wait to be picked as it allowed you to go outside unsupervised. I once got bit in the hand by a garter snake that was hiding next to the foundation of the school to keep warm, my eraser fell under the lip of the board that vHETLAND continued on page 21 The best game plan starts with the assist. I’ll help with coverage for your home and auto that also delivery on savings. Let’s talk. Rhonda L. Wesseln, Agent Yankton, SD 57078 Bus: 605-665-4411 www.rhondainsuresyou.com 1506667 20vHISVOICEvMARCH/APRIL 2018 Call me today. State Farm • Bloomington, IL

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