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only have one from a country or two,” he said. “In the youth one, they had regular teams with coaches. A lot of these don’t have coaches but they have a team.” Robinson said he loves the experience of talking to the competitors. “You get to see a lot of people and, once in a while, they’ll stop to talk with you and you ask them some questions,” he said. “It’s fun being around it.” During the 2018 tournament, Robinson found himself tasked with helping to guard the archers’ equipment — much of which left an impression on him. “The equipment is amazing,” he said. “There’s no two bows alike. I kind of look at them. … The most popular bows I’ve seen when I try to read them all is Hoyt. I wondered how that’s all come about.” He added that the bows he spent time guarding are also far different than what he’s used to. “They have more things on it and contraptions,” I don’t have a clue what it’s for, but they’ve got a lot of money tied up. They said some of those bows are $5-$10,000, so there’s a lot of money sitting in this storage room.” Robinson said that the volunteer culture is strong in Yankton. “That’s what makes Yankton click is volunteers,” he said. “I’m involved in Sertoma and Little League. We’ve got a Little League Sertoma tournament coming in May and we’ve got 42 teams coming. That takes a lot of people to run that. They have Riverboat Days and that takes a lot of volunteers. There’s just a lot of things in a town this size. To make the town a better place to live, you need volunteers. … You can’t be just a taker, you’ve got to be a giver too.” Hintgen said it’s great to have an opportunity to help show that spirit off on the world stage. “We’re the host for the world,” he said. “You can’t just do it with the staff here at the archery center. You’ve got to have a lot of volunteers and they’ve really been organized. People have their jobs, the time and fortunately we’ve had a good volunteer turnout, so it turned out pretty good.” He added that the tournament left a huge impression on him. “What always amazes me is that I talk to other people in the community and they really didn’t realize what was going on,” he said. “The TV, the production, the governor’s here — this is world class.” NFAA spokeswoman Nancy Wenande said the volunteers are all ambassadors. “The volunteers we have here are the face of Yankton and the face of the United States,” Wenande said. “They have been doing an awesome job welcoming the coaches and participants in the event, answering questions, helping them with what they need.” She added that Yankton has been a unique experience for some of the competitors and coaches because of these volunteers. “One of the coaches … was sharing with us that he was so happy that we were so accommodating to take them wherever they wanted to go in the community to shop and enjoy our community,” she said. “The other places they’ve been, usually they don’t get that type of specialized service to get out into the communities.” Robinson said that the tournament also provided a refreshing shot of unity in a tumultuous world. “You see all these countries with all the damn world problems we’ve got, they all seem to get along,” he said. “It’s just nice to go somewhere where you have all that international flavor and no problems. I haven’t seen any and I don’t think they have.” Robinson said he has every intention of volunteering in 2020 when Yankton welcomes the world once again for the World Archery Field Championship. L&M Radiator, Inc., is a worldwide designer, manufacturer, and distributor of MESABI® heat exchangers that services equipment in mobile construction, mining, agriculture, rail road and oil and gas industries. IMMEDIATE FULL-TIME AND PART-TIME OPENINGS! 750 $ Sign On Bonus (Full Time Employees Only) We Are Hiring For All Shifts In All Areas Of Production 1st Shift M-F from 7am to 3pm 2nd Shift M-Th from 3pm to 1am 3rd Shift Sun-Friday from 11pm to 7am Part-Time employees need to be willing to work a minimum of 24 hours and a maximum of 30 hours a week. Basic math, computer, and mechanical skills are required for the job. MACHINIST Responsibilities include knowledge of reading blue prints, ability to operate Mazak and other machinery as requested. ASSEMBLERS Mechanically inclined assembler with 1 year related work experience. Blueprint reading experience a plus. OTHER OPEN POSITIONS Press Break Operator, Tube Machine Operator, Industrial Painter and Blaster. WhyWork At L&M? •Competitive wages •Clean Work Environment/5S •Great Benefit Package •Family Orientated Business •Production Bonus •Company Events •9 Paid Holidays •On-the Job Training •Career Growth •Profit Sharing MESABI.COM GO TO TO APPLY AND TO LEARN MORE! Must be 18 or older and have a HS diploma/GED and ability to pass pre-employment screenings. vBy Rob Nielsen HISVOICEvMARCH/APRIL 2018v17

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