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Girls On The Run Sophie Shuey, Aracelli Aune, Charlotte Smith excited to be part of their first year of GOTR One of our practice 5Ks - a couple weeks prior to the actual day, the girls run approximately 2.8M and are celebrated for their accomlishments. 2 of the girls finishing the 5K in Sioux Falls, holding hands and being real SUPERGIRLS!!!! Sophie Shuey and Aracelli Aune. When Lindsey Doctorman was adjusting to life as a resident of Juneau, Alaska, seven years ago, a colleague at the University of Alaska approached her with the opportunity to participate in a program for elementary age girls called Girls on the Run. Doctorman nearly turned her down. Now, as Doctorman looks back at the impact this program has had on her, she is forever grateful she reconsidered her initial instinct. Girls on the Run (GOTR) is a national after school program that focuses on empowering and providing character development for girls in grades 3-5. The mission of this 10-week program is to educate and prepare girls for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living, explained Stacy Stahl, statewide director of the program. This mission is accomplished through non-competitive running and training, with the ultimate goal being to participate in a 5K walk/run event. Participants meet twice a week for one hour and 15 minutes each session. “During this time, girls have discussion(s) on a topic dealing with such issues as positive thinking, standing up for yourself, team building, healthy eating, body image satisfaction, making good friends, gossiping and bullying prevention, media influence, and most of all, being healthy and physically active,” said Stahl. Once the discussion time is complete, the girls play games or do activities that focus on the topic and goal of the day. The final 30 minutes of each session is devoted to exercising and preparing themselves for a 5K event. “Each session the running workout is increased,” said Stahl. “The running is non-competitive and also focuses on stretching before and after and learning about pacing oneself.” GOTR, with the support of the Yankton Area United Way, had its pilot season in Yankton in the spring of 2015 at Beadle and Lincoln Elementary Schools. The program has since expanded to Webster and Stewart Elementary Schools, as well as Sacred Heart School. Eight-five girls participated in the initial season, exceeding the goal of 80 girls. In 2017, 91 girls took part in the program. The success of GOTR wouldn’t be possible, said Stahl, without the dedication of volunteer coaches such as Doctorman. Keeping You Comfy Because you have more important things to focus on! 808 W. 23rd, Yankton, SD 605.665.2895 www.kaiserheatingandcooling.com 10vHERVOICEvMARCH/APRIL 2018

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