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vMURRAY continued from page 13 vCIMBUREK continued from page 15 his wife and two little kids. We get our pizza, he’s sitting down and the place is packed. … He says, ‘Hey buddy, why don’t you join us?’ I said, ‘No, no Mr. McHale, you’re with your family. I’m not going to budge in.’ ‘Where else are you going to sit? There’s no seats. I had lunch with him and his family by accident.” exception of the Saturday edition. There wasn’t a ton of pressure to get games typed up at night, other than Friday. Covering games, of course, has changed as well. Early on I had to return to the office to write my game stories because, first off, we didn’t have email. When we finally got a “laptop,” it was little more than a word processor, and we had to plug a phone line into it to send back to the office. Sending photos was even more of a hassle. The first time I did something other than meet a coworker halfway in between or bring the film back to the office, I had to bring a huge flatbed scanner with me. I would take a couple rolls of film to a 1-hour photo place, get prints made, then scan in the couple that I wanted to send back. My, how times have changed. Now I can post photos, video and a story from my phone, and have done all three. Repertoire Of Birth Murray lost his father at a young age and says that sports were a real godsend growing up in suburban Boston. “I’ve been blessed in sports as far as having the opportunity to see my teams win and accomplish the things they did,” he said. “My mom was working, I had no dad and it was a tough upbringing atmosphere that we had. … I am truly blessed with the role that sports did play in my life. I hate to think where and what I’d be if I hadn’t got involved with hockey and baseball.” He added that there’s few other cities quite like Boston and its sports culture. “Boston is so loyal, and they seem just so dedicated, so sincere through the good and the bad,” he said. “Every barber shop that you’d go into or every bar room you’d go into or every grocery store or wherever and whenever — the talk of the day would be the sport of what season it was. … Boston is unique and very loyal and dedicated to their sports teams. Young, old, blind, crippled, crazy — it’s born in you. You’re baptized with it. It’s part of our repertoire of birth.” Though he shares a love of Boston sports, Murray ultimately saves some of his greatest praises for Yankton. “I’ve been so fortunate in my travels and the people I’ve become associated with,” he said. “Yankton’s been very good to us. Yankton’s a wonderful town. I’ve left five or six times and every time we came back, it was more my idea than Pam’s — and Pam’s a Yankton native. … I hate to think what would’ve happened had I not had Yankton in my life.” vBy Rob Nielsen 10:30 p.m. — Done … But Not Really Pages are out, sent off to Sioux Falls to be printed. But that doesn’t mean that it’s time to go home. Once the paper is “put to bed,” it’s time to do the same for the website. Some stories, especially breaking news, are posted during the day, but game recaps, scoreboards, and other items are posted at the end of the night. If any games came in late, those get typed before the recap gets loaded. With that done, it’s time to turn a little attention to social media. Besides tweeting out some of the stories I just loaded, I pull a few photos to load to my phone, which allows me to post them on Instagram. 11:45 p.m. — Home The cross-town drive home is all of 2.3 miles, usually enough time to hear one song on the radio before I pull into the parking lot. Then it’s upstairs, and seeing my wife Kari for the first time since lunch. We ask about each other’s day before winding down and heading to bed. That’s about it — a day in the life of a small-town sports editor. Even though I couldn’t have imagined doing this when I started college, I can’t imagine myself doing anything else at this point. vBy James Cimburek Willcockson Eye Associates, P .C. Quality Eye Care, Close To Home • Best quality medical and surgical eyecare for you and your family • State of the art cataract surgery • Expert treatment of diseases such as glaucoma, eye complications from diabetes, and macular degeneration • Extensive selection of frames, styles and lens options at The Spectacle Shop, LLC. 415 W. 3rd, Yankton The Spectacle Shop, L.L.C. Call 605-665-9638 18vHISVOICEvMARCH/APRIL 2018 Karen E Dickes, D.O. Board Certified Ophthalmologist Medical and Surgical Eye Care Brady W. Betten, O.D. Optometrist Medical Eye Care Gregory A Kouri, O.D. Optometrist Medical Eye Care Gregory Osmundson, M.D. Ophthalmology Ltd. Medical & Surgical Eye Care

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