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vTITLE COMPANIES continued from page 7 “Our office has records for all the properties in Yankton county, some of them back to the 1800’s,” Hall explains. They have thousands and thousands of files, a copy of every title policy they’ve ever written. “If anyone needs a copy of their deed, or has questions about their mortgage, we’re just a phone call away,” she smiles. Piecing information together is her favorite aspect of her job. She explains, “My favorite part of the job is, it’s kind of like being a detective. You take a file and you start from the beginning and you follow that whole history of that property from the patent all the way forward.” Following the property all the way through without any breaks in the chain of title is very satisfying for her. The most challenging part of her job is making sure that they are complying with all the laws and regulations and keeping on top of the new regulations. With the evolvement of fraud and privacy concerns, they must be very cautious at what they are doing. The biggest change that she’s seen over time has been the increase in security and privacy requirements. Coreen Simonsen has been with the business about 14 years and describes herself as particular. Her position of a Senior Title Examiner requires her to examine the chain of title for title commitment requests as they come in. This is done either at their office or at the county Register of Deeds office. Tami Guenther describes herself as detail-orientated and has been on staff for a little over 11 years. As the Senior Policy Specialist & Closing Agent, she is the closing agent on purchase and refinance transactions. She leads the client through signing the necessary paperwork and completes the steps required for home purchases. She also manually completes the final title policies. Amantha Boese-Pieper, self-described as personable, is on her first year, having started in January. As an Escrow Officer, she handles the preparation of Closing Disclosures for the closings, working with all parties involved. Guenther describes their ability to help each other. “We’re very fortunate in that aspect to know each other’s job, so when someone’s gone we can help out in that area. That’s a great part about our office.” Simonsen smiles and adds, “We all wear the same hat.” Simonsen explains her job, “Most of the time I’m looking at documents and going through the chain of title, which is what I really like to do. I love the research.” She recalls following a chain of title once back to the 1800’s. “It’s interesting what you find in those documents,” she continues. Boese-Pieper likes working with numbers and enjoys the people that she meets. Her previous experience as a licensed insurance agent gives her skill in working with people. The group explains how their job is never dull because each transaction is different. Hall said that generally, people don’t know what title insurance is or why they should have it until they need it. “Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments in your life and you don’t ever want to have that investment threatened. We try to find the problem before the problem finds you,” she explains. The staff at Yankton Title Company can be reached by phone at (605) 665-6559 on via their website at www.yanktontitle.com. The helpfulness and compassion of these ladies from both companies help make the process of buying or refinancing your home go much more smoothly. Let them help you fulfill one of the biggest dreams! vBy Julie Eickhoff Pajamas! p In Your Sho e to Shop? t n Time? Haant to shop. Short o ay you w Shop the w where, at any time. From any s in person op our store h ou would s ent just as y partm weekly ads Shop by de hrough the t ly ad: Page o your cart. y the week Shop b irectly t k-up add items d and rb-side pic for cu ailable urs! r will be av e in as little as 4 ho orde Your our hom elivery to y or d And More!! n! on’t Retur W e Gift They h Give Th scount wit Di Fuel Saver rd Purchase a 5¢ $25 Gift Cand Visa Gift Cards e y-Ve *Excludes H adway, 2100 Bro -3412 • 665 Yankton HERVOICEvNOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017v11

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