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Mount E lbert, rrest, ational Fo Olympic N n Washingto Olympic National Forrest, Washington The James have always been active people and as they plan their trips around high-pointing sites, they find the most unique opportunities to explore. Some of the high-pointing locations are only reached by foot on hiking paths and on one occasion, they wondered about using bear spray. As they fumbled with the canister of spray in the parking lot, they got covered with bear spray – everywhere James said. Their hope is to never have to use it again. James has decided she does not enjoy hiking where there’s snow or ice or exposure to the cold. Even the risk of falling intimidates her even if she is ‘roped up,’ so the really high elevations in snow topped mountains hold no appeal for her. “Even when Tim goes on hikes which I decided not to do, I still go with him and sightsee in area,” James said. When his first attempt on Colorad o’s High est Peak climbing Mt Rainier failed, Tim was able to accompany her on a whalewatching tour she had scheduled. Much of the traveling on the high-pointing excursions is done in Tim’s pickup and that means eating weird food along the way. But that’s part of the give and take the James’ offer each other in their new lifestyle to try new experiences and make new discoveries. “He’s my best friend and I get so much enjoyment being around him, seeing nature in a new way, his good idea has led to great experiences,” James said. Even some days when the couple is limping from a strained muscle or sore back, they enjoy their travels. Occasionally they even take their three dogs along for the ride. vLIFE continued on page 10 ????????????? ????????????????????? ???????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????û??????????????????????????????????????? 9/1?/17?1?/11/17?????????????????????????????????U?????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I?? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????;? ?????????????????????????????????????Oû????????????HDO???????&?N????????™???????? ??????????????????????????????????®W????????????????R?????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????A???????????????? ????????????????A??????????????????????????????????????????????????? HERVOICEvNOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017v9

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