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His Ride As he stood in the garage adjacent to his home in Yankton, Toby Woehl was asked how many motorcycles he owns. He thought about the question for a few seconds, then looked around and started counting off on his fingers. Both hands were needed, as it turns out. Eight or nine bikes was the response. “They just accumulated,” said Woehl, a Yankton man who has motorcycles in both of his garages and even one in his basement at the moment. Born and raised in Menno, Woehl has been around motorcycles for most of his life. Even now, as time has passed (he and his wife, Kerry, have three grown children), they’ve remained a hobby in his life. “My dad always had motorcycles,” Woehl said. “He didn’t have much of anything, though.” Looking For The Perfect Gift This Holiday Season? You’ve just found it! This holiday season give the gift of hearing. Our audiologists specialize in individualized hearing health care and will develop a hearing health plan as unique as your hearing loss. Call us for details. We’re H“ear” For You! EAR, NOSE & THROAT ASSOCIATES, P.C. 2525 Fox Run Parkway, Suite 101, Yankton 605-665-0062 • 1-866-665-0062 • www.entyankton.com 8vHISVOICEvNOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017 Beth J. Beeman Au. D, CCC-A Todd A. Farnham Au. D, CCC-A

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