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She praises her staff for being great team members who are flexible with helping out where need be. “It’s very challenging but it’s also very rewarding. Without the staff, we couldn’t have done it,” she states of her close-knit work family. believes that the experience working in the environment can provide a valuable lesson. “I hope everybody can experience the food industry at one point because I think that it can help everybody in work ethics, perspective, compassion and customer service. Even though they might be in food service, that person could be your son, your daughter, your mother.” Though a very rewarding job, it’s not without its challenges. The biggest challenge she faces is having adequate staff as hiring and retaining staff becomes more challenging over the years. This makes her job more difficult, requiring her to juggle a diversity of duties. She feels that her parents, separately, were her greatest influences, each providing a different impact on her. “They balance each other out in the restaurant business and they both bring great attributes to the table and I hope to have gained the positive attributes from the both of them,” she reflects. A New Focus The Woehl’s also own Rock Bottom Burgers & Beers in Yankton but her primary focus remains with Yesterday’s and now a new venture. In August 2017, Cyhawk Hospitality, a franchisee of Perkins Restaurants’, purchased the building from them, anticipating a new Perkins Restaurant to open the first part of November. She is excited to work with Cyhawk hospitality where she and most of the staff will remain with the restaurant, keeping the feeling of a family operated business. She explains, “Truly, it was a family restaurant, it started as a family. It is still family, and although we will be Perkins, we will still be a family run business.” A benefit of the business being family operated is the availability of getting an additional hand when needed, being just one phone call away. Though there are differences between Yesterday’s Café and the new Perkins, there are similarities as well. One is the importance of customer service, a favorite aspect of hers. “My two favorite parts are the customers as well as the staff.” She enjoys the customers sharing their stories and their families with her. “There’s a lot of great customers in Yankton. The customers are awesome,” she beams. Reflection The dynamic businesswoman likes a variety of hobbies during her downtime: reading late at night, growing flowers and getting to the beach when she can where she likes to swim. She and Toby enjoy taking his motorcycle out for a ride when the weather permits. She also likes organization, explaining, “I like to work. One of my hobbies is just work. If I’m not productive, then I’m not enjoying my day.” Woehl is thankful when reflecting on her success as she explains, “I couldn’t do it without my family, the support of our family, as well as our customers and the other team members.” They will be expanding their staff as they will be hiring an additional 110 full- and part-time team members with the new company. Rewards and Challenges Woehl is a recognizable role model in her view of workers in this fast-paced industry, believing that those who have worked in the restaurant trade for some time tend to be hard workers. She also vBy Julie Eickhoff Santa can breathe again! He found out about PolypVac, a new FDA cleared in-office procedure for removal of nasal polyps, now available in Yankton! Just like Santa, if you experience nasal congestion, difficulty breathing, sleeping, or loss of taste and smell, you could be suffering from nasal polyps. Visit www.entyankton.com to watch a video of the procedure recently recorded live on “The Doctors” TV show then call us to schedule your evaluation. 605-665-0062 We’re H“ear” For You! n n O ors” ee s S Doct A e “Th HERVOICEvNOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017v19 EAR, NOSE & THROAT ASSOCIATES, P.C. David J. Abbott, M.D. Micah M. Likness, M.D. Board Certified Otolaryngologist Board Certified Otolaryngologist Jackie Logue, MSN, FNP-C, RN 2525 Fox Run Parkway, Suite 101, Yankton 605-665-0062 • 1-866-665-0062 • www.entyankton.com

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